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Many parents ask is ADHD hereditary when they discover that they have ADHD themselves! That is because, when they take their own kids for diagnosis or testing, a lot of the same symptoms seem to be present in themselves and then they are diagnosed too. This is so true of thousands of parents because their own ADHD was never properly diagnosed.

When people ask the question is ADHD hereditary, the actual statistics show that it is indeed partially true, at least. It seems that up to 25% of children with ADHD have either one parent or close relative with the same problem.

So how do we take a relaxed approach? Many therapists do not realize that for those of us who have ADHD and our kids too, then there is the added challenge of organising the home, the routines and schedules and getting organised which for a person with ADHD is no joke! A structured existence and routine can help people with ADHD so instead of worrying about it, take this relaxed approach. The answer to the question is ADHD hereditary often means we are all in this together. Great for empathy but it can lead to a few organizational problems.

Getting out
Getting physical exercise for both you and your kids is just such a great way to get those ‘feel good’ endorphins going again. For the kids, just being out in the open is so much better for them and for you too. A trip to the park beats the shopping mall any day and it works out much cheaper too! Also, researchers have found that inappropriate behavior on the part of ADHD kids is much more likely in an enclosed space than outside.

Getting organized.
Try making lists and that helps you to remember. Use post its as well and also encourage your kids to do the same. Setting routines is great for everybody. Avoiding surprise changes in routine is a great idea as well. These changes should only happen in emergency situations.

Getting rid of sensory overload
You may find that your child is impulsive and hyperactive, and sometimes that is exacerbated by sensory overload. Too much noise and confusion make it unbearable for the child and sometimes for you too, if you have ADHD.

That may mean that long family gatherings are going to be a real strain. Help by letting them serve or let them have short breaks from the table. Plan quiet activities, quiet spaces and help the kids to regroup and or calm down by taking a walk outside. Have a CD handy with calming music.

Limiting media time
Computers stimulate the brain and adults as well as children need winding down time before bed. It is a great idea just to switch off the PC at least an hour before bed. This is where having a routine is so helpful. This goes for all the other media as well and NOT having any TV in the child’s bedroom or your own bedroom is important.

Finally, don’t worry too much about the question, is ADHD hereditary, and choose a type of medication for you and/or your child which will not have nasty side effects such as insomnia, weight problems or depression. An ADHD homeopathic remedy is completely free of these side effects. Why not learn more and forget about the worries of conventional medication and just relax!

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Tired of unhappy,whining, badly behaved children? Discover is ADHD hereditary and how you can turn your child around. Experts now tell us that child behavior programs combined with a natural treatment for ADHD is by far the most effective ADHD treatment.
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We all know the old adage of the frog that is placed in the pot of cold water. The water heats so slowly that the frog merrily goes about its froggy business never realizing its fate until it’s too late to jump out. The point is we allow ourselves to adapt to unrelenting “stress” in multiple dimensions of our lives. We perceive this as “normal” and can even feel lost or bored when some spaciousness appears amidst the fray.

With the holiday excitement behind us followed by the inevitable New Year’s resolutions to improve our lifestyle and eating habits, let’s take a look at the realities of what stress does to our health. This may help us find a deeper motivation for sustaining needed changes that benefit us on all levels.

“Fight or flight” mode uses up the body’s resources to escape from danger. This is a ‘”catabolic” or “wear and tear” physiological state. Healthy physiology maintains a more “anabolic” or “build and repair” state of being, while chronic catabolic metabolism breaks down the body/mind/spirit. Long term stress is like borrowing on your “equity line of credit.”

Here is a list of some of the deleterious effects of chronic stress:
• Disrupts brain-neuro-endocrine system
• Lowers adrenal function
• Causes hormone imbalance
• Causes immune suppression
• Causes Sugar/insulin imbalance
• Increases weight
• Disrupts Sleep
• Promotes catabolic process
• Triggers emotional/psychological domino effects
• Promotes negative beliefs and thought patterns, self doubt, depression, anxiety
• Isolation
• Breaks down muscle mass
• Causes loss of bone mass
• Increases risk of infection
• Increases allergic responses
• Increases risk of CVD, autoimmune disease, cancer
• Promotes inflammation
• Inhibits digestion
• Imbalances neurotransmitters
• Poor rebuilding and repair
• Causes nutrient deficiencies

Serious stuff! So, what can we do to shift ourselves into a healthier pattern and reduce stress? We can learn much from meditation, which encourages us to closely examine ourselves with a sense of honesty coupled with compassion, rather than judging and criticizing ourselves. From this process we can often find a deeper source of real motivation to make changes. Continuing to tap into this deeper sense of motivation is a key to maintaining our desire to practice healthful habits. Understanding the real damages of stress in our lives helps to maintain motivation to incorporate consistent practices to reduce stress. Meditation also teaches us that change comes about by taking small steps and making them part of our lives rather than making dramatic leaps that we are not able to sustain. For example, committing to 15 minutes of daily meditation and breathing is a simple small step that has profound benefits.

I work with many people who have life-threatening illnesses. Many of my patients have expressed that the opportunity that such a severe health challenge offered was the shift in priorities – a shift away from a narrow focus on accomplishment and goal orientation, to the feeling of connectedness and love given and received between friends and family, connecting with nature and becoming more acquainted with their inner life. Life became much simpler, yet more profound. We have the good fortune to learn from these experiences and examine our lives, re-prioritize, simplify, and take steps to create some spaciousness, equanimity and connectedness in our daily lives. Our physiology will respond in kind.

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Dr. Isaac Eliaz is a respected author, lecturer, researcher, product formulator, and clinical practitioner. He has been a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine since the early 1980s.

Dr. Eliaz is a frequent guest lecturer on integrative medical approaches to health, immune enhancement, and cancer prevention and treatment. He has also taught several courses on Traditional Chinese Medicine for medical doctors and licensed acupuncturists. For more info, visit

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A social anxiety disorder, or social phobia, is an intense fear of interacting with other people. People having this disorder fear they are being watched and evaluated by others. Getting social anxiety help can be difficult as this disorder is often misdiagnosed as some other mental illness, depression or panic disorder, to name a few.

Social phobia affects 15 million Americans each year making it one of the most common psychological conditions in the U.S. People suffering with social phobia appear to others as being shy, unfriendly, aloof, disinterested, withdrawn and even backwards. But people with social phobia would love to interact socially, they want to have friends but their anxiety prevents them from being able to function socially.

Social anxiety disorder can have many different causes. One such cause could be some childhood trauma, such as being bullied or picked on by other children, or encountering some traumatic social event as an adult. Heredity could be another factor as this disorder seems to run in the family.

Social anxiety help can come in a variety of ways. One of these is medication which, although they are not a cure, can relieve some of the symptoms and help people cope with their anxiety. Like nearly all medication, some of these drugs can produce side effects. Some people will not experience any side effects at all but for others their reaction to the medication may be so negative that they would rather continue dealing with their symptoms.

The most effective social anxiety help you can get is cognitive-behavioral therapy. This is based on trying to make you change the way you view social situations so they won’t cause anxiety any longer. You are also gradually made to face social situations which cause your anxiety, in a calm, supervised setting. Group therapy, where you perform social skills exercises, is also an integral part of the treatment.

Self-help treatments include relaxation techniques, such as meditation, muscle relaxation and controlled breathing exercises. One of the first symptoms of anxiety is that you start to breathe more rapidly. This puts too much oxygen into your system which makes your heart beat faster and makes you feel dizzy or light-headed. By learning to control your breathing you can alleviate these symptoms of anxiety.

Meditation is great at reducing negative thoughts and stress. It can also teach you how to remain calm when faced with stressful situations.

Muscle relaxation helps relieve stress which is a catalyst for anxiety. One of the symptoms you may have when you are anxious is muscle tension around the neck or tightness around your chest. Learning how to relax you muscles relaxes your body as well as your mind.

Don’t let social anxiety disrupt your life. Whether you try self-help methods or get social anxiety help from a medical professional, you can get over your fears and actually begin enjoying social activities.

There are many ways you can reduce your anxiety. To find additional social anxiety help, including more self-help methods, visit

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As former sufferer of multiple anxiety disorders, it is my goal to provide you with information that will allow you to make informed decisions about options that are available to control or eliminate your anxiety disorder. You can learn more at:

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If you want to know the methods associated with how to stop anxiety attacks naturally you first have to look at why you get them. Most anxiety attacks happen because we have an extreme fear of something and we are triggered to respond to that fear during certain times of stress. When we respond with a high level of anxiety we often find that we end up being counterproductive.

Anxiety is a signal that offers our body and mind a chance to prepare for danger. Even if that danger is only perceived, anxiety is designed to protect us from walking into harmful situations. Anxiety attacks are like the brain’s way of demanding that you pay attention to the danger.

There are all kinds of breathing techniques and even medications that can help control anxiety. Yet in the long run these are techniques offered to deal with the anxiety after it occurs rather than a preventative method.

The fears that we hold the strongest are the ones that contribute to our anxiety attacks. Whether we are just trying to protect ourselves because we have been a victim before or we are looking to push ourselves to new levels of achievement we are often responsible for our own fears. As an example, many people become highly anxious and have anxiety attacks when they evaluate their own work performance.

Poor performance can lead to termination, although we often do not perform well under certain circumstances. Many of these circumstances include excessive pressure. We fear that unless we are perfect we will lose everything from our job to our home to our family. This is a lot of pressure and not allowing yourself to make any mistakes is creating a huge amount of anxiety.

If we can change the scenario on our minds we often find that a few mistakes in life do not cost us everything. If we start believing that we will always be Okay because we are resourceful individuals, we can start alleviate our anxiety. Learning how to stop anxiety attacks can be highly beneficial, as we tend to do better at work as well as in our personal lives without high levels of anxiety.

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Next, find out more about how to stop anxiety attacks with the natural method that will help you learn how to treat anxiety once and for all!

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leap of science into flashbacks

There is no need of chemical hallucinogens to initiate memories in your brain any more. Researchers have used small electrical signals to stimulate the cortex of the right hemisphere of brain in subjects to retrieve memories and to get relieved from the unpleasant ones. The stimulation caused hallucinogenic effects. The results came from a study of the post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) performed when the subjects were awake. The patients suffered from frequent flash backs and the findings pointed to the presence of hyperactive neural connections particularly in the cortex region of temporal lobe.
Weird Genome sequencing

Ozzy Osbourne made it to the list of those humans having a complete genome sequenced. The technology review covers the details of the story extensively. The sequencing has not done much to contribute to science since the distinctiveness of an individual is not explicitly shown in the DNA sequence. Rather, the sequences should be compared at the level of ethnic groups to get be of some use to science.

As to the claims of a high percentage of Neanderthal DNA in Ozzy’s genome, science has not confirmed the Neanderthal DNA sequences itself. Hence the story becomes more or less a fiction that happened in the recent times.
A gene for liberal views and friends

Researchers have found the presence of a new ‘liberal gene’ which is found to be associated with certain behavioral patterns of adolescence. The study was actually set to find out the effect of environmental influences like exposure to different views at adolescence in promoting a liberal view. But the research ended up in a gene in addition to the factors studied. The study was done in over 2500 subjects to find the presence of a gene for a dopamine receptor.

For those with the gene, having more friends in adolescent ages helped to gain a liberal world view. Conversely those with the gene and having lesser friends showed no such relations. The results were the same as in the absence of this gene. At least, science shows that complex behaviors often show the influence of environment over the gene.
Narwhals, the new instruments to study oceans.

The Arctic is a risky place for collection of scientific data, especially in winters when the temperatures fall terribly low. The researchers have not given up hope and had collected data from Baffin Bay and northern Davis Strait. The place is an entry point to Arctic from the north Atlantic region. They used narwhals (Monodon monoceros) which dive to greater depths in search of the prey. The typical feeding dives of the narwhals helped to measure the temperatures of the ocean depths even up to 1700 m. The data generated has also thrown light on the ocean currents and probably shows the future of narwhals to be used in oceanic studies.
Truffles do mate

Truffles are an expensive ingredient for cooking and are in rarity due to the lack of knowledge to culture the truffles in mass. Now researchers have come up with evidences about related genes in truffles suggesting the possibility to identify them by sex. To top it all, the different sexes are not uniformly distributed in the natural habitat. The finding shed light for the means to domesticate and culture them reducing the costs.
Its not more senses, just more processing of brain.

It has been always in the wonders list that the blind can get more information with their senses than their six sensed peers. A study has been conducted in a group of blind who are experienced in Braille reading to find out the actual process. The blind are sensitive to the vibrations of fingers just as the normal subjects. But they are able to overcome their limitations due to the reorganized brain. This enhances their ability to integrate and process the details of the senses, especially touch into a perfect picture with efficiency.

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Michael Jones is a writer who is intrested in .You can find more of his work at TechWench.

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Alcohol and depression are two terms that are not definitely a match made from heaven. Almost half of the people that have got problems with alcohol also have the signs of having depression. There are also a small number of people who may not have a heavy drinking problem but they show signs of depression. The reality is that people who have depression problems may also begin to drink alcohol. Moreover, after the heavy drinking, they would have hangovers that stimulate feelings of depression. Most often, they would feel guilty about alcohol over indulgence.

There are people who may have problems with alcohol. They may also be battling with depression at the same time. For example, there are some men who drink too much alcohol and then they would return home feeling depressed. There are cases when they would hurt themselves or other people due to the intense feelings that they have inside.

There are a lot of reasons why people may feel depressed. Some maybe related to alcohol binges. It includes declining health, sexual impotence and short term memory loss. If you are suffering from alcohol and depression, there are support groups that can help you. There are rehab clinics that can provide cure for alcoholics. Just in the case the depression problem is lingering around after becoming sober and saying no to alcohol, then it is recommended that you seek psychiatric help. There are some people who may be facing a crisis like death in the family or recent traumatic experiences. There are people who could be cured if they have talked to someone regarding their feelings. Psychiatrist or doctors are prescribing medications like anti depressants that can help overcome their depression. Remember though that medicines and alcohol don’t usually mix. Whether you drink because of depression or you are depressed because you have drinking problems, it is best to inform your doctor.

Depression and alcohol goes hand in hand. People who are depressed would use alcohol to treat themselves. They want to change their sad feelings to happy feelings. They would often choose alcohol instead of sleeping pills this is because of the fact that alcohol may have antidepressant effect. If you are experiencing depression, it is not advised to consume alcohol because it can impair judgment that leads to depression. Some people may even commit suicide or acts based on impulse. Alcohol also lowers one’s inhibition. It may lead to sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy.

There are studies that link depression and alcohol. It usually raises from traumatic childhood events. Those people who have had a sad childhood may have problems with alcohol and depression too. There are researches also that link the two with brain functions. Alcohol and depression can affect the brain. It causes anxiety, lack of appetite and uneven sleep patterns. There are also some scientists that point out genetic links between alcohol and depression.

If you are drinking alcohol to ease depression, then it may get worse before getting better. After the effects of alcohol wears off, the depression that you are feeling will still be there.

About the Author

George has been working with anxiety sufferers for a while now.

His information website assists anyone sufferring with anxiety.

This website gives the user loads of useful tips and helpful information on the subject of Anxiety. Use it for reference or for your own use the choice is yours.

For a free mini course of 20 plus parts visit the website and for more info. on Anxiety Disease visit

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There are a number of foods to avoid if you have an ADHD child. There is a pretty good chance that you are or have fed your child foods that made their illness worse. It all comes down to the ingredients in the food. Foods that are unnatural and processed are the worst ones. But not all processed foods are bad. To get a better idea of what foods to avoid if you have an ADHD child, take a look at the list below:

White Bread and Refined Sugars – White bread is bad because it turns into sugar. Refined sugars can be found in snack foods such as candies, chocolates, and cakes. You can still feed your child tasty foods, just make sure to read the labels to make sure that it contains minimal sugar. You may want to consider purchasing sugar-free snacks instead just to be on the safe side.

Why does sugar make a child’s ADHD worse? Let’s take look at what it does to someone who doesn’t have ADHD. Most of the time when people consume sugar, they feel okay for a while, but after an hour or so, their blood sugar plummets and then they are left hungrier than before and wanting more sugar. Did you know that sugar is also addictive, even to children? Yes, it’s true. Once your sugar plummets, your mood goes with it. Sometimes, you might feel tired, and other times you may feel irritable. Either way, it’s not healthy for anyone, especially a child who is already very sensitive to their own moods and experiences intense, irritable mood swings.

Foods Containing Additives – Preservatives and other artificial flavorings are not good for your child. This is one of the many foods to avoid if you have an ADHD child due to the fact that they play a role in contributing toward worsening hyperactivity. Various studies have shown that children who eliminated foods containing additives and other preservatives had better control over their disorder and were much more relaxed than other children who continued to eat processed foods.

Knowing what foods to avoid ADHD irritation is not difficult. All you have to do is ask yourself if the food is pure and if it contains a lot of sugar. It’s fairly obvious because the foods to avoid are usually not very healthy for anyone.

While treating your child by avoiding certain foods, you should also consider other natural ways to treat ADHD. One of the best ways to treat a child naturally is to give them herbal supplements. This helps you to avoid having to give them prescription medications that are also very irritating toward their condition. Some of the herbal remedies you may want to consider using are St. John’s Wort, Passion Flower, and 5-HTP. These remedies should be enough to get your child’s symptoms under control.

So remember the foods to avoid ADHD aggravation because that information will definitely come in handy in the future. Also remember that the foods to avoid if you have an ADHD child mostly consist of those that normally aren’t very healthy to begin with. Focus on whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, as well as natural remedies and your child should be cured.

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Diana is a Natural Health Consultant and is currently taking classes to earn a certificate in herbalism. Her website Natural Health and Herbal Remedies, offers the knowledge, insights and experiences she has gained from her journey into the world of natural health and her quest to share it with others. Learn more about ADHD at her website.

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Panic Away is an e-book and a plan made by Joe Barry. Mr. Barry is well-known as the person behind the production of effective and better plans that help people overcome the severe anxiety that is experienced during panic attacks. It is known as one of the most successful courses available for some time already which involves self-reliance on getting over fears related to panic and anxiety attacks. The question is does Panic Away work?

Why is it very popular? To begin with, it is actually very amazing that many people benefited from Panic Away and claim that it has helped them get over the anxiety and panic attack problems that they experienced. Panic Away is the product of the tedious and comprehensive research of Joe Barry. The course centers on the principle that fear feeds fear.

People who are inflicted with panic attacks can live in fear of expecting the next attack. In reality, people who have this feeling is adding fuel to the fire by having this feeling of dread. Since you are afraid of the next attack, you are always nervous and forever anxious, thus, you are more prone to another panic attack.

The Panic Away program helps you to overcome this repeated cycle of terror. By employing the principles in Panic Away, you will be able to get over the dread of suffering another attack. You will be capable of being free from the attacks completely. On the other hand, the Panic Away home study course does not utilize any form of medication. It is just an e-book that gives you a step-by-step account of how to break free from your panic and anxiety cyclic patterns. Another great bonus is that you have the chance to coordinate and get coaching from the author himself, Joe Barry.

Does Panic Away Work? More than 42,000 people have used Panic Away and became successful, and it already has an established track record. However, keep in mind that Panic Away is not a magic pill and you would need to follow the program step by step, make an effort, and take action for you to put an end to your panic attacks.

Only you can assess if this Panic Away program is the right method for you to finally be free from panic attacks and severe anxiety. Try it today and live a happy, fear-free life.

About the Author

Joe Barry is a well-known person who creates masterpiece in solving your problems about anxiety and one is the Panic Away program. You may ask does Panic Away work, and the answer lies within the 42,000 people that tried this and become free from anxiety.

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Panic Attack Treatment

There is no medication which can address the root cause of a panic disorder in order to eliminate it successfully. Some medication can alleviate some of the symptoms; however, this affect is superficial and temporary.

All drugs can do is sedate the mind in order to temporarily suppress some anxiety symptoms, they do not ever represent a curative solution.
Drug therapy can help to ‘knock the edge off’ the acute anxiety or panic attacks experienced but if you rely solely on these drugs to cure your panic disorder or to remove the underlying anxiety, you are making a big mistake.

Taking Panic Attack Medication whilst following the correct road to recovery can be counterproductive. Sometimes, drugs can confuse the recovery process and whilst we do not advocate immediate withdrawal, we do foster a ‘drug free’ recovery ethos in order to achieve the best and most permanent recovery.

Psychotherapy for Panic Attacks

In principle, some psychotherapeutic devices can be effective but where psychotherapy lacks is in presenting a targeted panic attacks solution and in providing an accessible support network which provides answers when the sufferer most requires it.

Psychotherapy tends to happen over months, if not years, of regular sessions that take up valuable, time, cost substantial amounts of money and have limited accessibility.

Alternative Therapies for Panic Attacks

It has always been a believer in ‘what makes you feel good should be done’. Some alternative therapies fall into that category. I believe that massage, relaxation, even hypnosis can be useful in the treatment of panic attacks; however, do not make the mistake of believing that they offer a cure… they do not.

Panic attack sufferers often want ‘the magic pill’ solution; a ‘quick fix’ that requires very little time or effort. Trust me, there isn’t one. Anxiety and panic attacks are complex conditions which require very specific treatments, which alternative therapies simply do not offer.

The Linden Method for Panic Attacks
Is there a targeted and permanent panic attack treatment ?
Yes, there is a fast, permanent and targeted panic attack treatment. Let me explain how it works.

Research showed us that The Amygdala, a small organ in the brain, is 100% responsible for producing and storing the anxiety reaction. So, a panic attack treatment can only be found by addressing this organ directly.

THEY MUST HAVE READ MY RESEARCH! I’ve been using this research and the panic attack treatment I developed as a result of it, for over 10 years! They want to develop a treatment which bombards the brain with electromagnetic radiation, I have developed a panic attack treatment, which brings about the same cure, without medication or surgery!
My panic attack treatment, The Linden Method Review , undermines the anxious reaction in your brain, eliminates it and brings you back to full health quickly and permanently!

Elli recalls her recovery from panic attacks, using the Linden Method:
Having experienced and recovered from the disorder, it makes such perfect sense to say that it is all ‘mind set’ and nothing more. As soon as we come to this realization, we begin the journey to free ourselves from the nightmare of anxiety.

About the Author

Vijay has been researching how to cure Panic Attack Disorder and Anxiety Syndrome by using natural methods.

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Depression is a foul mixture of emotions — sadness, disinterest, and anger. Any weapon you can use against it is good. I suggest you try laughter. Do you think anyone would be depressed if they spent just a few minutes each day laughing? It is a proven fact that laughter lowers your blood pressure and raises the levels of seratonin and dopamine in the brain. Simple laughter may be nature’s most potent anti-depressant.

The problem is that it is difficult to laugh when you are depressed. Jokes are almost never funny to a depressed person. That’s because jokes are just stories, mere words. If you really want to laugh, you have to find something in the real world to kick start it. The best way to turn a prank idea into reality.

Unlike jokes, pranks involve taking action. You have to trick someone and turn them into a bit of a fool. Never harm anyone with a prank, just fool them. At the end of the day, you will both be laughing. Pranks are also longer lasting than jokes. You can repeat them. You can talk about them years later. Sometimes you can even record them for posterity.

The most important thing about a good prank is that person being pranked does not see it coming. You have to take an everyday, humdrum event and make it unusual. You could attach a $10 bill to a piece of fishing line and put it on the ground outside a convenience store. When someone goes to pick it up, you pull it away. Video this, and you may just have YouTube gold. Prank ideas are everywhere if you just look at everyday happenings and look for ways to throw a wrench in the works.

A good prank can ease all the negative emotions associated with depression. It forces you to “get out of bed” mentally as you devise the pranks. If you’re angry, it can give you a sense of satisfaction to prank someone (just don’t be mean or hurt anyone). If you’re sad, it can make you happy when your prank victim laughs when they realize that they have been duped.

Here are the rules:

* Prank in the spirit of fun for all
* Don’t be afraid to make a bit of a fool of yourself — this is good medicine because it forces you not to take yourself so seriously.
* Never hurt anyone.

That’s it. Now get pranking! It will do wonders for your depression.

About the Author

Chuck Lin has been a prankster for many years. He helps people develop prank ideas.