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Is a person genetically or bio-chemically predisposed to addiction or alcoholism?

Various postulates along such lines have been put forward over the years and debated within the scientific and chemical dependency communities. That this has produced no truly effective solution to drug addiction, VERY poor recovery rates and a WORSENING drugs epidemic tells us the aforementioned communities may have been barking up a very wrong tree.

Another school of thought and another wrong tree, advocates the “disease concept” of drug addiction, which postulates that addiction is an inherited disease and the individual is permanently ill at a genetic level.

In other words, “nothing can be done about it” because the problem is imprinted in the DNA – the classic psychiatric method of explaining away tax payers’ billions wasted on abject failure to effectively resolve…well, anything!

No conclusive proof for the “gene” theory of addiction has been produced incidentally, although the false datum has crept into the society. One will often hear addicts describing themselves as having an “addictive personality” – usually because that is what they have been told by a therapist who had no real answers. Think about the message hidden in that false datum: “there’s nothing you – or WE – can do about it because you are inherently flawed. You’re stuck with it pal!” This theory, while it “scientifically” explains away failures has yet produced no successul strategy or workable methodology for actually helping human beings beat drug addiction. If our goal is to do something effective to actually help people, then it has been useless.

Another philosophy argues that addiction is a double-stranded problem consisting of a physical and mental dependency on chemicals, compounded by a pre-existing mental illness that needs to be treated first as the primary cause of the addiction. Such a mental illness would be so-called clinical depression, bipolar disorder, or some other piece of elastically defined psychobabble.

As for psychiatry’s lack of diagnostic criteria or actual evidence for any of the “illnesses” listed its Diagnostic Manual and the quackery that accompanies its diagnosis and “treatment,” please don’t get me started…..I’ll cover psychiatry’s Great Diagnosis Con in a later article.

Suffice to say here, the “mental illnesses” purported without evidence to underlie drug addiction usually require drugs to treat them. The stupidity of using drug to cure an addiction to drugs should be obvious and needless to say that approach has produced – surprise, surprise – not just failure but a deepening drugs crisis!

Yet another philosophy subscribes to the idea that drug dependency leads to permanent “chemical imbalances” in the neurological system that must be treated with psychotropic medications after the person has withdrawn from their drug of choice. Again, a lovely way of milking the addict’s misery of every last drop of profit but only a partial truth.

Yes, extensive abuse of some drugs can cause permanent damage, but PSYCHOTROPIC MEDICATIONS ARE THE WORST OFFENDERS.

The degree of damage that would necessitate, say, tranquillisers to enable the person to function is rare and almost never resuts from abuse of street drugs. In my experience most addicts, although they have harmed themselves through the long-term imbibing of chemical poisons and asssociated malnutrition and so forth, can and do make a very good recovery with the right treatment, such as that provided on the Narconon program. And harmful psychiatric poisons are the very last thing they need!

None of the above, at best partial, truths have paved the way for an effective solution to the drugs problem.

There is another way of looking at the problem that DOES open the door to a much more effective handling of the problem.

The addict is NOT mentally ill, does not have a brain disease and is not genetically defective:

Addiction begins with pain.

I will cover this more fully in part three of this essay; “Addiction Begins With Pain”

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January 29   How to Cope with Stress

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Stress plays a big part of our lives. In this frantic time, we experience a trying life. Some doctors say that some stress is good; it can help to keep you on your toes and focused, and can be really helpful for achieving your best. Still, medical inquiry has determined that long-lasting stress is really bad for the body, and can stop the body’s instinctive power to cure and rectify. Over ninty percent of diseases are brought on by stress. It can lead to lengthy disease, obesity, insomnia, hard relationships, depression, and many more.

Below are 4 fantastic tricks to help you handle stress.

One: Place what makes you trying and uneasy. Making a list of your stressful experiences is useful. Straightaway take actions on the issues you can change, like waking up a little bit earlier in the morning and not leaving things till the last minute. Forget the problems that you have no control over like being stuck in a queue or traffic jam.

Two: Take a break. A few minutes break would do you good. Control your breathing, and if you feel tension in your body try your best to release it. Listen to some soothing music, or call a friend. Releasing your inner feelings to a friend is healthy option.

Three. It will pass and it will be over before you know it. Remind yourself that the trying event will end sooner or later can make you see the positive side of things. Simultaneously, try and reduce your emotions and think of what to do in the situation rather than spend all your energy worrying.

Four: What triggers off your anxiety? If for instance it is your work, then it might be a good idea to start looking for a less trying job. You could also ask for some time off and go on a relaxing vacation, no sking or rock climbing!

Stress is not the the problems that you will have to encounter each and every day; but the way you see them. It is significant to see that what we focalise on, we energise. The more you proceed to think about the factors that cause your stress, the more vitality you give it. So it is essential to let go and center on relaxation behavior instead. Consequently, you’re less likely to be disturbed by a stressor, and hence less liable to have its hurtful effect happen. Eventually, it is your choice. You could either remain to react in the same stressful way, or you could select to improve your life by modifying your mental attitude and becoming relaxed.

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How to Cope with Stress –

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Fear and phobia is not same. Fear depends on different momentary reaction. Your mind doesn’t create fear. Fear is a reaction of any critical situation. There must be a specific cause of fear. But phobia attacks our mind without any cause. Without any specific reason when anxiety creates a panic in our mind, it can be called as phobia. This is the main difference between fear and phobia. Phobia is connected with unnecessary anxieties, panic, attacks, disgust etc. During phobia, our mind suffers from a tendency to avoid any critical situation. The reaction of phobia is greater than fear. Some reactions of phobia are- sweating, increasing heart beat, breathing trouble even death also. According to the medical term phobia is a kind of anxiety disorder.

Phobia sometimes forces the patient to do many abnormal activities. Psychologists divide phobia by three stages. They are social phobia, specific phobia and panic disorder. From them the treatment of specific phobia is very easy. There are also many sub-categories of it. It cab said that almost 4o% phobia causes due to genetically disorder.

Actually our behavior depends on the response of neuron-chemical part of our brain. Any disorder in the neuron-chemical affects our behavior. Generally the effect of phobia stays for some hours to some weeks. The patient of phobia generally tries to avoid fearing situations. They think that by avoiding the fear factor they can cure their panic attacks. But the much you avoid the fearing situation the much phobia will engulf your mind.

Phobia if unattended at right time, it can cause a serious problem. That is why; it should be treated properly by some trained or professional physician. Congnitive behavioral therapy is generally used to cure phobia. Meditation is another process which can be used to cure it. There are also so many new techniques that have invented nowadays, which if applied at right time, can cure phobia totally. One of such treatment is pre-emptive healing. It is a process that can cure any psychological disorder by using healing meditation mp3. It can be used in any kind of panic attacks and it has been well approved by the doctors as well as psychiatrists. Thousands of people have already adopted the method and they have succeeded to get rid of their fear and panic.

Pre-emptive healing is generally applied to cure the surgical fear of the patients. During any surgery, most patients suffer from a panic disorder. This affects the optimal healing process. By using meditation music, surgical fear can be uprooted from the mind of the patients. The aim of this healing method is to find out the real cause of the anxiety and then it directly works to uproot the actual cause.

Apart from surgical process this process can also be used to cure much other general disorder like dental phobia and fear of flying. There are so many people who fear to visit a dentist’s clinic as well as they fear to take a flight. With meditation music program one can very easily fight with these panic attacks. So be it any kind of anxiety, with pre-emptive healing process you will find the proper phobia management tool for you.

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Those who are seeking panic attack self help definitely have the right idea. If you are a panic attack sufferer, then wanting to help yourself means you are already halfway there. Knowing that helping yourself is possible is what is going to get you closer to a cure.

If you tell someone who is stricken by panic attacks on a daily basis that there is a way to cure them and completely get rid of them, they are may or may not believe you depending on how bad their symptoms are. The longer an individual has to live with this condition, the more fed up they become with living a life in fear.

Most of the time, when a person becomes stricken by panic, the first thing they do is see a physician and get put on prescription medications to help them cope. What usually happens is that some medications end up becoming addictive, causing side effects, and/or ineffective. They are also sometimes referred to a panic attack support group or one on one therapy with a licensed professional.

Both methods can be very effective, but in the end, it is up to the person suffering as to whether or not they want to get better. panic attack self help can come in handy in relation to helping the person learn more about where their attacks are coming from.

Understanding how to get rid of panic attacks on your own can be as effective as other forms of treatment. People are not always able to call on their doctors when they are in the middle of having an episode. Popping prescription medication each and every time you have an attack is also not very healthy.

It pays off in the end knowing exactly what to do when you are having an attack. Those feelings of nervousness, fear, and doom will no longer have to rule your life once you know how to take back control. Breathing techniques, relaxation, exercise, and a healthy diet can all be a part of panic attack self help strategies.

No matter what form of panic attack self help you decide to partake in, the main thing is that you are doing something about it. Sadly, several people will struggle with panic attacks for the rest of their lives. Fear can be a powerful thing, but it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is one person determined enough to make up their mind that they do not want to live this way anymore.

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For more information on panic attack self help options and overcoming panic attacks, visit I personally struggled with panic attacks, and I am now panic-free and medication free.

© Copyright 2009. Feel free to reprint this article on your site as long as the article is not modified in any way and the resource information (about the author) is listed as above.

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Depressed Because of Herpes? Suicidal?

If you are depressed over herpes, you are not alone!! It is common. Some people get extremely depressed. Depressed to the point where they are thinking of suicide. The good news is this doesn’t have to happen. In fact, you don’t even need to have outbreaks! (You can find out how to stop having outbreaks through a link below.)

I have had herpes for many years, and at first I was depressed too. Now I help others with herpes, mostly by showing them how they can prevent outbreaks.

OK, so you are depressed. What can you do? Get therapy? Sure, but there are some simple things you can do right now, that will help you, and they don’t cost anything. They probably work better as well.

Depression is caused by pent up anger actually. It tends to get stored in our muscles, especially our upper muscles in our shoulders and arms and chest. You can do this right now, and immediately notice a difference. Do some pushups, as many as you can. Then roll over and do some face up pushups, again as many as you can. Then stand up and extend your arms and roll them in big circles, at least 20 times. Then reverse the direction and do it again. Then, finally, scream your anger into a pillow, as loud as you can. Don’t hold back. Scream at the person who gave you herpes, scream at the world, at life, at anything. Get your anger out. When your anger leaves, your depression leaves too.

Next, join a herpes support group that meets near you. You can find such a group on the net. This step is very important… you must tell some others, face to face, that you have herpes. Don’t worry, they will understand! This must be face to face. An online forum won’t be nearly as good. Go to the meeting several times, as there will be new people there at the next meeting. You have to keep doing this till you are able to say “I have herpes” without choking on the words. And then also, tell some people you know… start with one or two friends who you think will understand. Someone you know may have already mentioned it to you. The more people you tell the better! Don’t freak out, you are not saying it on TV or anything like that. You are only telling people who will understand. The support group is of course the best place.

Do the exercises regularly….. several times a day. You WILL feel better!

Lastly, learn how to completely stop having herpes outbreaks. It is possible, thousands of others have learned how before you.
Go to this site to find out how to end herpes outbreaks:
The safe herbal product really works, and it is guaranteed as well. Good luck! Steve

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I have herpes and I was depressed about it. I know what it is like. I now help others with herpes and I have years of experience at it.

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You can improve your sexual performance by increasing your penis size. A larger penis makes both the partners to enjoy sex to its peak. A partner with bigger penis can penetrate his lady love deeply giving her intense sexual pleasure and multiple orgasms. Now a day’s market is flooded with penis enlargement methods including pumps, surgeries and certain other devices but in reality none of these methods are effective and even if they are little bit effective they will cause a number of other side effects.

Why Men crave for Bigger Penis?

It’s not only men but also women who like men with bigger penis. Men desire bigger penis because they relate it to “manliness” and feel confident with bigger size. Even women find men with bigger penis more satisfying and pleasurable in sex rather than men with a small penis.

Now bigger penis is no more a dream, you can easily achieve the desired penis size without putting much effort.

The male desire to have a bigger penis is as old as mankind itself. A lot of women also pester their partners to go in for a bigger penis. A bigger penis is a symbol of masculinity and self-confidence. Are you looking for a safe and valuable way to grow your penis?

The demand for penis enlargement

Are you aware how big the penis enlargement industry is? Every year, thousands of men fall for ineffective penis enlargement techniques that promise a lot but deliver too little. Are you among these hapless victims? Don’t you wish to try the best available treatment in penis enlargement? Many penis pills are nothing more than vitamin pills in disguise, and men have been victim into popping them expecting more than what vitamins can deliver
Well the question remains still unanswered. Does penis enlargement supplements do work? The problem in discovering this lies in the fact that there are approximately many new “amazing” penis enlargement pills that appear on the market each month. Most of these products are nothing but Vitamins mixed with a few herbal ingredients to produce a penis pill. Users see NO gains, and this leads to unhappiness and loss of faith in all enlargement supplements. Well don’t fall into prey. Below are some tips which will help you in choosing best product from the market.

How do I choose a supplement?
As with most things, the way to do properly choose a product is through systematic research. This will certainly take some time and effort, however if you obtain the results you desire, in the end it will definitely be worth your while. Some things to keep in mind:
Keep an watch on the Ingredients
Stay away from any pill which contains synthetic products as it contains harmful toxins. A respectable supplement site will contain a list of the ingredients that their products contain.
Consider Your Present Health Condition
In general most penis pills are quite safe because their ingredients are non-prescriptive, consisting mostly of natural herbs. However, you should always read the ingredients and dosage before taking the pills.
Stick to Reality
If the product manufacturer claims you can have a penis so large it will make a stallion turn green with envy, you can most likely be sure they are selling you bottled scam instead of penis pills. If the promise sounds too good to be true, then you can assume it is. Sincere supplements will tell it like it is: Results may and will vary from one individual to another.
Check out the Other Benefits
These can include stronger erections, increased sexual stamina, more intense orgasms, improvement in urinary flow, increased blood circulation to genital area, higher sex drive, increased sperm production and overall improvement in sexual function.
The penis inferiority complex has been documented for quite some time, and has no doubt existed since men started bathing and showering in full view of each other. Most men seem to feel their penis is small and are envious of someone else’s member. This concern and dissatisfaction appears to stem from the cultural belief that larger penises give greater pleasure to women, and that women prefer a man with a huge penises.
So can you pump up with penis pills? My answer is yes. Daily exercises and supplements together can increase the size of your penis. But to do so, you have to be smart, be aware, dedicated, and careful.

For more information on penis enlargement methods you can visit In addition to the same you can also visit our site

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Lots of people use the statement “addiction” more than it genuinely ought to be used. We have a tendency to assert to be “addicted” to everything from chocolate to action movies and everything in between. However we ought to grasp that a authentic addiction can be much more destructive than the desire we feel for something we just really like. But a quantity of objects or substances that aren’t usually damaging may in reality be the objects of “addictions.” Some individuals truthfully are “addicted” to things we may normally think are safe. Is that hot fudge sundae something you mildly long for, or is it a bona fide compulsion? Read on to spot how to differentiate a genuine addiction.

Do you discover you want more of what you yearn for to make you sense the same? In the past perhaps one cup of coffee was sufficient to make you feel ready to take on the day. Although at this time you don’t feel right until you’ve had at least two or three. This increase indicates that you just might be addicted. As we consistently need more of something to help ourselves feel better it is a symptom that the something we’re craving is starting to gain control over us. Frequently addiction might be recognized early and definitively by this occurrence.

Do you try to conceal your goods of the substance you desire? A lot of alcoholics and drug addicts carry out exactly that. They want to make access both concealed and speedy, and they’re scared that others have started to notice, so they stash things in places that are hard to find but easy for them to get to. When you try to keep individuals from knowing what you’re consuming by hiding your supplies from view, be aware that you may be getting addicted. Keep in mind, however, that concealing a bag of chocolate from someone because you only need your fair share of it is different than hiding chocolate all over your home and telling people that you do not eat it any more.

Do you eat or use your selected substance more regularly than you let on to other people? It is not uncommon for alcoholics to meet people for cocktails or beers only after having a few at home on their own. This allows them to drink as much as they want without it looking like they are consuming a lot in public. Or they may merely keep consuming alcohol subsequent to parting from their friends. This is a transparent signal of shame and guilt when you use this sort of strategy to lie implicitly about your actions. Your feeling of guilt is telling you something, and you ought to listen.

Identify that there are a large amount of distinctive typies of addiction. We could become addicted to things like shopping, working out and eating just as simply as we can become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Really ask yourself if it really is taking more of something to make you feel good, if you’re concealing things or lying about what you’re doing, and if you feel guilty or ashamed; if so you’re experiencing the warning signs of addiction and would be well advised to get some counseling. You know the saying, “All things in moderation”–just be careful that those things do not start to dominate your existence.

If you think that you have become addicted to a substance or activity, notify someone and try to get some help. There is no reason to permit these things to hold control over your life.

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Did you know that “1″ in every “50″ Americans suffer from OCD? In fact, millions of American adults go through with such symptoms. Yet, there remain a number of fallacies and misunderstandings about this condition. Many people hold to a system of misconceptions about OCD that simply aren’t true. Here are the misleading notions people believe and the truth behind them.

Fallacy: OCD is caused by Stress.

Fact: OCD is a psychiatric disorder and the symptoms can be incapacitating. It is considered to be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Major stressors can trigger symptoms, especially in traumatic situations like a car accident or death of a loved one. But the existence of stress can only exaggerate the OCD, not create it.

Fallacy: Any person who is neat and tidy has an OCD.

Fact: OCD is a mental disorder. Being neat and tidy, even to the point of strictness, doesn’t mean someone has OCD; it just means they like things clean. Someone with OCD who makes his/her house very neat and tidy isn’t doing it to appear beautiful, but because he/she is overwhelmed by anxiety when something is wrong.

Fallacy: OCD affects women more than men.

Fact: There are observations that more women tend to suffer from OCD rather than men, but those observations are unreliable. In actuality, OCD affects men and women in almost equal rate. There is a discrepancy because men usually have a harder time expressing emotions than women do, and that reluctance is increased when some were asked to talk about the alarming and dark thoughts that defined their obsessions.

Fallacy: OCD is caused by poor upbringing.

Fact: Raising a child has nothing to do with OCD. Bringing up a child to follow particular rules does not cause the disorder. Parenting techniques doesn’t cause OCD, but they can worsen it when parents go extremely in handling OCD behaviors with good intentions but ineffective attempt to manage the child’s stress level. This can lead to an amplification of symptoms and behaviors and make the disease that much harder to treat.

Fallacy: OCD can be easily cured.

Fact: There is no cure for OCD. However, it is possible for many patients to gain control of the disease and benefit from a stellar prognosis. This requires a lot of work. Many people find relief from symptoms through a combination of medication, therapy and self-help strategies. Sadly, fallacies such as the ones we are talking about on this page stop individuals from seeking treatment. According to studies, it is estimated that only 10 percent of OCD patients actually seek treatment.

About the Author

Dr. John E. Neyman, Jr.
Christian Counselor

I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I love people from all over the world. Even though, life has not turned out how I thought it would God has been very faithful. I have discovered a lot walking through the valley’s of life. I like to refer to them as life lessons. They are lessons that no one can ever take away.

I enjoy life a lot and I love to work. Work really has not been work to me. I really enjoy most every aspect of life. I love to be with my family, I love to just walk and think, I like to talk about deep things of life.. I really like the internet and the work I do on it.

My dream is to help as many people as I can to reach Heaven. I also want to help as many as I can to reach their dreams. I am a dreamer and have a lot of dreams that I still want to accomplish in life.

I am the happiest when I am teaching people out of the Ancient book called the Holy Bible. I think my strongest gift is teaching and counseling. I own and operate a Christian Counseling Center in Butler, PA. I am also, now a Mobile Therapist for an organization that helps families especially with Autism and special needs such as ADHD/OCD.

I am a counselor/therapist and Pastor by profession. My passion is to help people work through their problems so that they find a peace of mind and happiness.

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What is meant by the phrase chronic anxiety? This is best described as meaning an anxiety that recurs many times over a prolonged number of months or years. It does not mean that you have to experience anxiety on a daily basis. When a person is suffering from a chronic condition it just means that it occurs multiple times and is just as powerful and debilitating on each occasion.

There are millions of people who have to deal with chronic anxiety. Some of them may have an associated condition like depression or a deep seated phobia, but many have what is known as free floating anxiety which means it is not attached to any one cause or condition. Most physicians write prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications such as Ativan, Xanax or even Valium. Unfortunately these drugs only mask the symptoms and do nothing substantial to eliminate the condition. There are ways that you can overcome your anxiety problems once and for all, by learning how to master some perfectly safe and natural methods. When you eliminate this problem you will be able to reclaim the happiness and joyful life you deserve.

You should first determine exactly what it is that is making you feel so anxious. What trigger created the feelings of nervousness and worry? For many sufferers of chronic anxiety the cause can be a small and insignificant event such as what to prepare for dinner. Regardless of the importance of the triggering event it can create extreme and debilitating physical and emotional symptoms. Once the trigger has been identified calm yourself with some deep breathing or quiet meditation and then determine how to best address it. These relaxation techniques can help you ground yourself and clear your mind. Make a concrete plan and stick to it. Do not let those nagging, negative thoughts take hold. Create a meal without worrying whether you can cook it to perfection, or whether everyone will enjoy it. Use this little Mantra and recite it to yourself, “It is what it is.” That says it all in a nutshell. A meal is food to eat, and that is all it is from beginning to end. Decisive, firm action is needed to positively counteract the self doubt and anxiety that wants to control your life and actions.

People who have chronic anxiety often feel as though they are isolated and alone. You may feel as though no one will understand you and this intensifies your anxious, nervous feelings. You can speak with friends, counselors or family members and unburden yourself to them. There are even anonymous volunteers that man help lines just for such emergencies. They will all be able to help you get some insight into your problem. Sometimes just speaking your concerns and anxieties out loud to yourself will give you the grounding and reality check you need to come up with a viable solution. You can also find that involving yourself with other people and social activities will give your mind the distraction and stimulation it needs to hold those feelings of anxiety in check.

Use music to provide a calming background setting and pleasant environment at home. Read books, write poetry, plant a garden, take walks and chat with your neighbors. Volunteer your services to an organization that works with pets, children or the elderly. You will find that this activity helps fill your spare time and gives you a diversion that keeps your mind away from the turmoil and negative thoughts that chronic anxiety have generated in your life for so long. Continue to use techniques that help you relax like deep breathing, exercise or meditation but you will find that you rely on these relaxation methods less and less as you involve yourself in your new life. As you focus on the positive, pleasant aspects of life you will find that you are rapidly distancing yourself from the anxiety that was once so much a part of your existence.

Learn more about chronic anxiety or follow the links to an archive of closely related articles to chronic anxiety.

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I am the auther of this article, i am very interested in helping people with thier depression, stress, and anxiety problems as members of my family have suffered severely with some of the symptoms asociated with these mental ilnesses. I really hope i can help.

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In reality, there are thousands and thousands of individuals endure from anxiety. Normally, this people suffer from this situation typically really feel fear and an uncertainty about their future. Often it stems from disliking their job and a feeling of despair when they consider work.

This additionally impacts home life and might have a adverse impression on family members who can feel the negative energy. When you relate to those emotions and have them on a regular basis than you most likely suffer from misdirected energy which is inflicting anxiety.

That is why the program Tapping world summit continues to open. After the 2010 Tapping World Summit receives various good feedback and testimonials, the “2011 Tapping World Summit” is now open and this shall be expected to be even bigger and better this year.

It features EFT Tapping, commonly known as Emotional Freedom Techniques. You will be taught how and why to use EFT and you will be guided along with the speakers to do the process yourself. The Tapping Solution handle your emotions especially the negative emotions about issues you experience on a daily basis. The feelings that your body goes right into a state of fight, flight or freeze and prepares you to deal with life-threatening danger. The Tapping World Summit 2011 is an online live event that’s completely free to anyone.

EFT is a unique mix of ancient Chinese medicine and trendy psychology. This Solution available to everyone. It requires no special equipment, doesn’t involve the use of any medicine, and may be practiced anywhere. It can be used to help yourself or others, it is painless, and its applications seem like limited only by your imagination.

It uses the energy meridians or qi meridians, the same energy channels used in the practice of acupuncture to clear blocked or stagnant energy and return the body to health. In EFT, those same energy meridians are stimulated by tapping lightly with your fingertips while thinking about a disturbing reminiscence or event. This allow you to remodel damaging emotions and thoughts in minutes.

When the related upsetting feelings are felt whilst you stimulate the energy meridian, your mind and body release the negative emotion. After doing EFT people often report feeling peaceful, light, compassionate and loving.

Tapping is based on the idea that these unfavourable states are stored, even stuck, in our body’s energy system. Tapping therapy works the same solution to get stuck or stagnant emotional energy moving. Before actually feeling the dramatic effects of the procedure, it can seem impossible and even silly. But this funny-looking process has helped thousands of people in numerous ways.

The 2011 Tapping World Summit goals to relief not only emotionally but physically as well. Actually, It promises a great forecast in life because it offers your brain more control and more calmness. People should understand that the tapping method is real and it does give good and wonderful results. This method can truly heal a person who’s struggling emotionally and physically.

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Renie Aguilar – 32 years old, experienced last World Tapping Summit. In this 2011 Tapping World Summit, I’m will be bought the platinum VIP pass because I want to be able to review this wonderful information and share it with my family.