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Adult ADHD is more common than most think. In fact it is likely that over 5% of the worlds adults has the condition. This may be surprising number due to the ADD ADHD adults mastery at masking many of their most obvious, and problematic symptoms such as hyperactivity.

ADHD symptoms in adults just don’t appear out of the blue. This condition is not like catching the flu where one day you have it and a couple of weeks later you don’t. No, ADD ADHD adults have had the condition since early childhood and may or may not have been received a positive diagnosis. But by adulthood many of their problematic symptoms have started to mellow leading some family and friends to assume that the attention deficit disorder which has impacted their lives and personalities has finally gone away. While hyperactivity may have taken on a different less intrusive form other symptoms such as inattention, disorganization and trouble finishing projects may not have subsided at all.

Do you know an adult friend, coworker, or family member who starts multiple home improvement projects only to leave each one partially completed for months or maybe years? Or someone who continually expresses an interest in taking up a new hobby but with each beginning there is quickly an end? Or perhaps an adult friend who goes seeming less never ending shopping sprees, despite budget constraints, only to buy one more blouse to go with the 75 others which have yet to be worn? These examples could all be signs of ADHD symptoms in adults. In fact one could easily correlate both inattention and impulsivity which all three of these examples.

ADHD symptoms in adult can also include a great deal of inattentiveness. An ADD ADHD adults train of thought might be lost right in the middle of a conversation only to wander to another completely unrelated topic. They may also appear to be bored, have trouble making and/or maintain eye contact, and may abruptly interrupt others who are trying to carry on a conversation.

The cold hard truth of the matter is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is not like a faucet you can turn off and on when you wish. Instead it is a biological condition of the brain involving the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine that leads to problems with self regulation. You can no more ask the ADHD ADD adult to stop starting projects around the house, stop shopping, or quit beginning new hobbies than you can ask a vegetarian to eat a cheeseburger. It is simply how their brains work and there are only two choices, either to accept them for who they are or gently suggest a possible treatment option.

What Next? For those ADHD ADD adults finding a treatment option that can help them manage their symptoms should be one of their main priorities. The most common form of treatment for ADHD symptoms in adults are stimulant medications such as Ritalin, Adderall or Cylert. While effective all stimulant medications come with a number of serious label warnings. The risk of side effects or perhaps lack of success with stimulants has prompted many to investigate other options. A couple examples of this are behavior modification therapy and/or homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic remedies for ADHD are a side effect free way to address such problematic symptoms as inattention, distractibility, impulsivity, erratic behavior and hyperactivity and can be used both as a standalone treatment or as a compliment to other nonprescription alternatives.

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Traumatic brain injury is a leading cause of death and disability in children and youth. The belief that this is a low incidence population still persists, not only in the general public but among many educators and health care providers as well. This article provides facts to correct common myths or misunderstandings about brain injury in children.

Myth 1: All brain injuries are the same.

Fact: Each brain injury is different. The brain may be damaged by a direct blow to a child’s head causing the brain to move around inside the skull. For example, this can happen when the child’s head hits the windshield in a car crash or when a bullet penetrates the skull and enters the brain. But secondary damage can also occur to the brain in addition to the initial trauma. This can be caused by swelling and bruising in the brain, infections, loss of oxygen, blood clots or torn nerve fibers. No two injuries are ever exactly the same. The brain is simply too complex.

Myth2: Physical recovery is a sign that the child’s brain has healed.

Fact: The child’s recovery of thinking and reasoning skills – known as cognition – is very different from the process of physical recovery. While parents are usually overjoyed and relieved to see their child emerge from coma and moving and walking again, the rapid physical progress may be deceptive. A child can have a good physical recovery but still have significant cognitive impairments with changes in thinking and learning. These challenges are most likely to show up over time as the brain continues to develop.

Myth 3: A brain injury heals with time.

Fact: The opposite is true. The full impact and consequences of an injury to a child’s brain may not be evident for many months and even years. A child’s brain is constantly changing as it matures. Brain development continues right up to early adulthood. Time reveals the effects of earlier damage to a child’s brain.

Myth 4: A young child has a better recovery from a brain injury than an older child.

Fact: Again, the opposite is true. The brain of a younger child is less developed and more vulnerable to trauma. An injury can interrupt or delay critical stages of brain development in the young child.

Myth 5: A child’s recovery is complete 6 months after the brain injury.

Fact: Recovery is usually most rapid in the initial months after the injury, but recovery has no definite timetable.

If you would like to learn more about brain trauma in children, visit the website of Lash and Associates Publishing/Training at or telephone 919-556-0300. Books and manuals on brain injury in children help teachers, special educators, therapists and families how to identify, assess, teach, and support students with brain injury or concussion in school. You can request a free catalog on the website or by phone.

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One of the major reasons for memory challenges in today’s society is the level of stress that individuals have. It’s common knowledge that stress affects most anything mentally as well as physically.

In recent studies it’s come to the surface that anyone not able to manage their daily stress levels have a tendency to lack focus and will have moments of memory lapse. Your stress level will have a direct biological effect on how the brain effectively uses it’s memory resources or the lack of due to a high level of stress.

In order for the memory to function and work at it’s best the brain cells must be able to communicate with each other. During high levels of stress that function is not working properly and you will not be able to gather or access information stored in your brain cells easily.

Your glucose and oxygen levels are important factors in keeping your memory alert. During stress sessions those levels decrease and affect alertness of the memory.

If the stress levels continues over a week or more the body responds by producing less adrenaline and will instead start to produce cortisol. Cortisol is a substance that redirects the oxygen and glucose from the memory function and other important organs. This decreases the energy level of the brain and it’s functions and soon the memory starts to have glitches.

The good news is that our human body and memory functions are capable of returning to normal within a week if a certain protocol is followed.

One important factor is to get enough sleep and take time to regroup. Learn some relaxing techniques, get a massage,or enjoy recreational activities of your choice. A good brisk walk is always a great choice to decrease stress. Remember keep stress to a minimum and you memory will function normally. Less stress – more memory power – better quality life.

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Martina Kruse is a memory expert. For more great Tips On How Improve Your Memory, visit

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Symptoms of Migraine Headaches
What are you to do when a painful migraine comes on all of a sudden and you are looking for a home migraine remedy that gives immediate relief? Many of us take aspirin or ibuprofen, but this treatment may not be appropriate for everyone. Taking these and other drugs on a consistent can have severe side effects on your system like stomach ulcers and kidney issues. And although other drugs may be available, a lot of them have lots of other frightening complications. A migraine is a severe headache that is intensely painful and can be a condition that is disabling some individuals. Migraines are quite common among the population in general. In the U.S., 18% of females and 6% of males report having had at least one migraine headache during the past year. Migraines affect about 30,000,000 individuals in the US. They may occur at any age, but typically begin between the ages of 10 and forty and may start to lessen after the age of fifty.

Causes of migraine headache
Migraine headaches are very easy causing someone to lose daily function as well as enjoyment of life. Preventing and treating migraine headaches, however, can be done effectively with a wide range of both over the counter and prescription drugs. The exact causes of migraine headaches remain unknown to the medical community, but it is widely held that serotonin levels in the brain play a significant role in the formation of migraine headaches. Common migraine headaches are a more prolonged variation of the problem, and can last for long periods of time. This can be seriously debilitating, and can make daily functioning difficult. Luckily, there are many medications out there that can both reduce pain and help to prevent the onset of migraines. Sleep and plenty of fluids are crucial factors in migraine episode prevention.

Acupuncture for migraine
Acupuncture provides miraculous healing of those awful body pains that antibiotics and medicines otherwise fail to reduce. Whether you are suffering from back pain, arthritis, joint pains, or severe migraine/headache, acupuncture has a whole new world of remedies for your intense suffering. Acupuncture means inserting needles into the skin at precise points to let pent-up energy start flowing within your body. Use Acupuncture for Headaches Acupuncture is an ancient migraine and tension headache treatment used in Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine holds that life energy Qi (pronounced “chee”) flows through the body along pathways or channels called meridians. When the flow of Qi becomes unbalanced and disrupted it causes health problems.

Treatment for migraine
* Pain-relieving medications: Also known as acute or abortive treatment, these drugs when taken during migraine attacks, can stop the symptoms that have already begun.
* Preventive medications: These drugs are almost always meant to be taken regularly, on a daily basis, to help reduce the severity or frequency of migraine headaches.
Pain-relieving medications: These drugs must be taken as soon as the signs or symptoms of a migraine are experienced. Sleeping or resting in a dark room may also help.

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migraine relief from a migraine headache.

Migraine easy tips

It is a well known fact how devastating a migraine headache can be. Although, there is no ‘switch on – disappear’ approach to treat migraines, there are a few home methods that could be tried which could ease out the pain. The usual method is to resort to drugs.

in the form of pain relievers and anti-depressants prescribed by the doctors. This method, though it provides minor relief, it is not the best way to treat your headache as it can have harmful side effects and it can end up creating dependency on the drug.

Some of the simple techniques listed below could be followed at home to gain relief fr

Massage of The head:
Massage of the head, neck and shoulder region could help ease out the pain. Touch of a human hand with love and care is very healing and it can help relax the body and mind. Mild aromatic oil could be used. Choose an aroma or flavor that your body is not allergic to.

Breathing exercises:
Slow down your breath and let the breathing become deep and long. This cuts down on the accompanying anxiety and lets you focus on the moment. It also improves the circulation of blood to the head region which greatly improves the headache condition offering good relief.

Hot and Cold Treatment:
Take a towel and dip it in hot water. Gently rub and massage the painful areas with the towel. Keep the temperature of the towel to a level that feels comfortable. Some people prefer Cold water or ice cubes instead of hot water or steam. Find out what works best for you to bring you relief.

Aroma Therapy:
Aroma therapy is gaining popularity these days as a treatment for migraine headaches. It consists of using herbal and essential oils that can be put into air by means of a suitable diffuser. It could also be mixed with water and steamed on the face. It can be coupled with gentle music or guided relaxation music to bring in a gentle relaxing atmosphere to the place offering great relief from the pain.

Migraine Headache is a common condition that affect women more than men. Seventy five percent of migraine affects people between the ages of fifteen and fifty-five who have a family history of them.

Symptoms of headaches are vomiting, numbness, dizziness and sensitivity to light and sound. All types of headache can really disrupt an individual’s daily life. Maintaining work, home and social life can be a challenge and the stressful anticipation of lengthy headache pain itself can trigger a prolonged headache.

There are many effective alternatives to treatment migraine headaches and it doesn’t involve prescription or non-prescription drugs.

By Steven Myers

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When I first started out earlier in my business career, like in my 20′s, I had great expectations…doing this, and this, and this, and leading towards a goal of a very successful and profitable business and that my family life would go along very well. We’d have our home paid for, and the children would grow and go to University and so on. Which actually happened. I had a very successful business, yet it wasn’t to the point where I really wanted it, I knew we could go a lot further.
But in my 50′s, it was, oh, let’s see…I still want to have these adventures go on, I’m still young, I still have my health, let’s do this…let’s continue the adventure. Instead of staying on track, of building a good solid business, now I still have my original business, that is in the lock and safe field. And at the same time I was starting to get pretty troubled in this area… I had scattered myself too thin in many different areas.
And it was just as if I was trying to, keep my mind so busy with all of these other things going on, in order to, and I missed the reality of really enjoying my own life. I thought I was enjoying it, but now as I look back I say ‘hey, I wasn’t really enjoying it all’… I had scattered myself so thin and my stress level within me was just so great, of course I was heading to talk to the bank manager every two or three days, because I was pretty deeply in debt at the same time, because I had taken on too much. So, with discussion with him I sold some of my businesses.
So I got into this stress level just as if I was… I gotta do this, I gotta do that, life is coming to a short end, I’m in my 50′s now, my God, I’m probably going to be all ready to be put into my grave by the time I’m 60, because people don’t live very long anymore. And, I was really mixed up in my own mind.
Some of the other problems I had was when I would get in to an organization, I would not say no to anything that was asked of me. I belong to a couple of organizations now and I will sit back and watch how the meetings go, and I keep my hands in my pockets, I keep my mouth shout and smile and laugh because now I see other people out there and they take on too much.
And when I had my first major surgery and that slowed me down a great deal, and started to allow me to look at life in a little bit different way. And then I could realize that there was still lots of time and I don’t have to do this and this and this and this and this. I can get rid of some of the various things that I had been doing with my volunteer groups, organizations, I belonged to.
Often I’ve thought – Gosh, I would like to speak to some of these younger men who are in their 40′s, coming into their 50′s, they, have a good look at your life. Go into a retreat some place, talk to some people who have gone through this, don’t hesitate to talk to a psychologist, and so on. They will help you figure out where you’re going.
Now, if somebody said to me – you need psychological help, I’d have said I’m not crazy, there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just great. Things are going fine. What do you mean I need to have a look at my own personal life?’.
When I think back in those days I was searching for a more spiritual outlook, not religious, just more spiritual outlook. And I started doing some studying, I remember when I was flying to Yellowknife so many times, I always had a book with me called A Course in Miracles – and I found it absolutely fascinating. A lot of the things in that book I disagreed with, yet I was told – hey, accept what’s there. You may not have to believe in it or understand it now. But just keep reading it and eventually you’ll understand life in a little bit different way, and so I did.
And so, that was sort of my spiritual growth. And I got to know a number of friends over at the Life Enrichment Centre, which was where the natural life and course in miracles was taken and gone through.
I now have a deeper understanding of life and the world, and my ego.

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The majority of us will never experience any kind of diminished quality of life. But for the many that have personal knowledge of, and are intimate with a panic disorder know all too well how their life sucks! Whether, it’s from the numerous types of fear, (which stops you from living life to the fullest extent) down to the worst feeling of all, a sense of impending death. And the one thought that haunts us is the question of ‘is there a way to avoid panic attacks?’

Now that is a great question. What do we have to do and what will it take for us to be able to avoid panic attacks. Finding the answer is the problem, as each and every one of us is different. And what works for you, may not work for me.

The most common ways to deal with this affliction are with the use of medication and therapy. Medications will help relieve your anxiety symptoms while therapy could help you to find what triggers your anxiety attacks. And with all the drug scares these days, you may want to take a moment and learn all about the side effects of taking these medications.

Non-conventional methods that may help you avoid panic attacks are meditation and yoga. Other options to consider, which could help you avoid an attack are deep breathing techniques, relaxing exercise or a daily exercise program. As stress and anxiety go hand in hand, any or all of the above could help remove this stress from your life.

Recovery from an anxiety attack involves understanding and using the right techniques. Many people do not realize how their thought pattern may control their feelings. How these feelings before an attack or during one can decide how severe it may be. An example of this is: you spend all day thinking about a particular event; soon your thoughts turn and you begin to worry which leads to anxiety.

Before you know it, your first symptoms of panic begin and create a whole host of ‘what ifs’ and ‘how am I going to copes’. Soon the fear has intensified your feelings of panic and you guessed it, your panic attack is off to the races.

About the Author

Finding a panic cure for most of us may seem like a trip to the moon, you can see it but the trip is out of reach. But being able to take control of your life and avoid panic attacks may be the first step on that long journey.

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Most people think that anxiety medications such as Lexapro, Paxil and Zoloft will solve all their problems! I wish that was true. These drugs use a chemical known as escitalopram which is a type of SSRI. These are the serotonin reuptake inhibitors which help to increase the action of serotonin which is a key neurotransmitter which governs our good mood or lack of it. That is why this chemical is so often used to make an anxiety drug.

Side effects.
The first thing we have to be aware of is that some patients have few or no side effects. Others tend to rely too much on them and they can be habit forming. Side effects can range from appetite problems, loss of libido, and wild dreams. It is dangerous to go off this type of drug ‘cold turkey’ because withdrawal symptoms can be debilitating.

What are benzodiazepines?
Some anxiety medications use benzodiazepines such as clonazepam and lorazepam and are known by their brand names such as Xanax and Ativan. These are usually prescribed for severe anxiety such as panic attacks. Side effects from this type of anxiety drug can range from confusion to memory problems and there is an increased risk of falling.

Is there an anxiety cure?
The second fact we should be aware of is that these anxiety medications are not a cure. Patients have noted that they have to stay on them for a very long time as they just seem to keep symptoms at bay but they are certainly not a definitive answer to the problem. The key to this mental disorder is to identify the underlying cause and ensure that lifestyle changes can be put into practice.

Are lifestyle changes better than an anxiety drug?
Meditation, yoga, exercise, less stress and a proper diet plus a good night’s sleep can often help to lessen symptoms. At the same time, these changes can help the patient to address the underlying cause and therefore develop strategies to cope with it.

Is a herbal remedy the answer?
The third thing we need to be aware of is that if we want to avoid some rather nasty side effects we may well have to look elsewhere. A herbal remedy for this condition may well be the alternative to anxiety medications. Why not visit my website to discover what these remedies are and what guarantees the company provides. You will be pleasantly surprised and impressed with the testimonials.

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Discover more secrets about anxiety medications Why not visit the website :- Robert Locke has written extensively on Mental Health for many years.

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It is time to get help for panic attacks.

It is time to live life without fear and dread.

It is time to start living that life today!

Whatever status or place you hold in our society, being prone to anxiety-related disorders is unavoidable. Specially with the world getting ever so difficult and stressful, experiencing worries and fears is a standard for being normal. While it may be normal to feel tense about unfamiliar settings, there’s a possibility that the feeling of fear can be overwhelming that it leads to a panic disorder.

What is a Panic Attack?

This is a sudden intense fear accompanied by an overpowering feeling of imagined danger. Generally, it follows these symptoms:

1) Intense anxiety and increased nervousness
2) Too much sweating
3) Rapid breathing
4) Pounding chest
5) “Sick to the stomach” feeling
6) A feeling of losing control or going crazy

Any or several of these symptoms can be triggered rather quickly and for no apparent reason. It is best to consult a medical professional and get help for panic attacks if these symptoms persist.

What are the Dangers of a Panic Disorder?

Why do we need to take anxiety attacks seriously? Here are some reasons to consider:

1) An attack comes without warning but with debilitating impact a person’s life and relationships
2) An attack occurs unprovoked and even interfering with how a person wants to live his life
3) A panic disorder can spend all your energy and replace it with constant dread and illogical fear
4) An untreated panic disorder can lead to unhealthy activities and coping mechanisms
5) There’s a chance that a sufferer will entertain thoughts of intense despair leading to suicide

It is indeed great news that a variety of treatment options exist to stop panic attacks. And overcoming any panic disorder starts with the strong belief that this condition is curable.

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The right information on panic disorders is vital to treating the condition. Anne Lorena offers valuable information and guidance for those who’ve gone through brutal episodes of panic attacks.

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Let us take an easy one of the depression alternatives to start with. Exercise. Now before you groan inwardly, look at this shocking statistic. According to a report from the Mental Health Foundation, exercise may be just as effective in treating depression as antidepressants! One study showed that regular exercise about three times a week was just as effective as being on antidepressants. Often, a lack of exercise can actually be one the contributing factors to the onset of depression in the first instance. This must be the top of the alternative treatments for depression.

Almost everyone can do exercise. The benefits are enormous for general health but for depression, experts note that after exercise, patients feel and look happier because of the release of endorphins which have a positive impact on our mood. Then there are all the other benefits as well such as looking better so that your self confidence receives a boost. Stress, anxiety and sleep problems improve as well. There is the social element too which should not be underestimated as we know that socialising on any level can be a help to a depressed patient. Those people lucky enough to have close affectionate relationships with partner, family and or friends have a much lower possibility of getting depressed. You may wonder why this has got so little attention as one of the best alternative treatments for depression.

Fish oil might sound smelly but it can do wonders for the depressed state of mind. We are talking here about diet because let’s face it the food we eat has an immediate and lasting effect on our state of mind and our general mental well being. Look at the results of a study done where depressed patients were given 1 gram of fish oil a day and the symptoms of sadness, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, insomnia and loss of libido all dropped by 50%. If you are suffering from depression, get some fish oil into your diet. That can be in the form of pharmaceutical grade capsules or by eating salmon, tuna, flaxseed oil and olive oil and nuts. Add complex carbohydrates, protein such as lean meat and a supply of Vitamin B and D foods and you will be well on the way to recovery. Diet, like exercise has been overshadowed in looking at the alternative treatments for depression.

The big pharm have been keeping very quiet about the poor results that antidepressants actually have in curing depression and obviously will not be rushing to put up websites on depression alternatives. The scandalous statistic is that anti depressant medications will actually only cure about one third of all cases! In about 5% of cases, depression symptoms will actually get worse. Given the side effects of antidepressants, isn’t it about time that more attention was given to herbal remedies as one of the best alternative treatments for depression? Other treatments consist of light therapy for SAD (seasonal affective disorder), meditation,yoga, counselling and cognitive behavior therapy.

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Want to learn how to alternative treatments for depression ? Robert Locke has written extensively on Mental Health for many years.