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If you find that you are becoming increasingly depressed and don’t have a way out, then you will need to consider some of the different things you will need to do in order to change your life around and start feeling better on a consistent basis. This article will give you some of the best tips on how to eliminate your depression entirely so you can get your life back on track as soon as possible.

There are many different causes for depression, depending on the person and their own unique situation, however there are some general tips that you can follow to avoid becoming depressed day after day. One important thing to keep in mind is that by keeping an active schedule filled with fun and creative activities, you can avoid slipping into a state of depression. Start trying new things and figure out what feels right.

Often times people find it helpful to start doing meditation each day. This can help you by clearing your mind and helping you to focus on what is wrong in your life and also what you can do to change things around the for better. Once you start to develop a routine of daily meditation, preferably first thing in the morning, you will start to see how effective it can really be.

It is also important that you learn various breathing exercises that you can do when you begin to feel yourself become overwhelmed. The internet is full of different websites that have information on breathing techniques to help combat stressful situations and feelings. Often times depression can come with an inexplicable feeling of sadness, and if you ever feel like you can’t deal with it, simply breathe in and out in a way that will help control your thoughts and feelings in that moment.

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Many people sometimes suffer from insomnia; this is really a miserable thing. So when facing with such problem, we should take some action to nurse in order to prevent the symptom goes further. Actually some fruits we eat in our daily life can play a sedative and hypnotic role. Thus, it can help us get rid of the obsession caused by insomnia. So, there are four fruits will be introduced to you, when you can’t fall asleep, you can have a try. Certainly, if your problem is very serious, you’d better see a doctor in good time.

Kiwi. A new study shows that intake two kiwis every day, the quality of sleep can be improved to four percent. The generation of sleep disorders relate to central nervous over-excited, sympathetic nerve over-aroused and the large secretion of hormones. Kiwi is rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin C; this can help the synthesis and transmission of neurotransmitter. Besides, it is also rich in calcium that rare in other fruits, this can play a function to stable emotion and inhibit the sympathetic nervous.

Grape. Recently, a research has proved that grapes are good for improving insomnia. The reason is that grapes contain the material-epiphysin which can help people fall asleep. Epiphysin is a kind of material that secreted by the pineal gland, which has a close relationship with sleep. During night, the pineal gland secretes the most, and this indicates that people should go to sleep. And in the morning, the pineal gland secretes the least so it indicates it is time to get up. Therefore, grape can help regulate the sleep cycle, improve the abnormal sleep. The expert also says that due to the high content of antioxidants and alcohol, the wine contains much more epiphysin than grapes, this is more conductive to sleep.

Banana. Research has proved that banana contains such materials such as vitamin B6 and serotonin which can make people away from depression and make people have a spiritual pleasure. The material exists in banana can help people far away from depressive symptoms, so they will fall asleep quickly.

Jujube contains lots of protein, sugar, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other beneficial substances; they play a role in reinforcing the spleen and soothing the nerves.

Summary: do you have some obsession on insomnia? Have you suffered from sleeping? This article will introduce you some easy way to deal with the sleeping problem.

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Have you ever wondered if there are any vitamins for anxiety that would boost your recovery?

Well, I’ve got some good news! There most certainly are!

It is undeniable that some of the best panic attack remedies are those that are natural and can easily be adopted into our lifestyles. Unlike anxiety medication, these help the body to manage and eventually quell any anxiety symptoms, while going to the root of the problem to eliminate anxiety for good.

There are certain vitamins which work to regulate the body’s metabolism and hormonal balance. You often get some of these from the foods you eat, but supplementing the body’s intake of these vitamins will work to manage your moods and help you to cope better with anxiety and stress.

Let’s look at some of these vitamins:

The B Vitamins for Anxiety

The B vitamins are essential for the nervous system to work as it’s supposed to — a deficiency in these vitamins has been proven to cause increased levels of anxiety, stress and depression!

It is most beneficial to take B vitamins altogether as a complex, because they work best in tandem with each other. They basically work by regulating neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, thereby controlling moods and responses when faced with anxiety and stress triggers.

Vitamin B–1 (Thiamine) helps to improve mood and energy levels;

Vitamin B–3 (Niacin / Niacinamide) controls anxiety and stress by easing your anxiety and panic symptoms, and is useful for recovering quickly after a panic attack;

Vitamin B–6 (Pyridoxine) has a number of functions in the body, including promoting a healthy immune system, heart and circulatory system. It also has a profound effect on the nervous system by regulating the body’s level of serotonin and Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA), which give us a feeling of self confidence, security and tranquil;

Vitamin B–8 (Inositol) has been shown to be a good alternative to the drug fluvoxamine for treating panic attacks, depression and certain phobias – patients given inositol showed a good recovery from their anxiety symptoms without the side effects such as nausea and lethargy;

Vitamin B–12 (Cobalamine), when in deficiency, has been linked to increased anxiety and stress.

The C Vitamin for Anxiety

Good old, trusty vitamin C, eh?!

As well as being monumental in keeping cold and scurvy at arm’s length, it also has a link to stress and anxiety relief and can be taken on its own or as part of multivitamin supplements.

Whenever a sufferer encounters stress, the body produces a hormone called Cortisol. This is what is responsible for your fight–or–flight survival response. This is supposed to be produced in short quick bursts in high alert situations, and is supposed to be released through subsequent physical action.

However, for today’s man (or woman), the constant problems and stresses — usually relating to relationships, jobs and money — do not always call for physical action to find a release for the adrenaline. Therefore, when in excess, it can cause degeneration of cells, bone and muscle; it depletes the body’s vitamin C reserves and weakens the immune system.

Supplementing the body with vitamin C actually reverses this process, speeding up the body’s metabolism and therefore alleviating the negative effects of stress and anxiety.

These two vitamins for anxiety — vitamins B and C — are very important for efficient body functioning, as they regulate chemicals and neurotransmitters which are needed to keep your body healthy and your anxiety symptoms at bay.

So whichever panic attack remedies you consider taking for treating anxiety disorder, make sure that they work naturally with your regular body functions to bring you relief from anxiety.

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Bipolar Disorder Triggers – 5 Things You Need to Avoid to Help Keep Your Moods Stable

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric condition that is characterized by alternating bouts of mania and depression. People who have bipolar disorders often experience a cyclic change in their energy levels and feelings; ranging from sudden bursts of liveliness and happiness to unprovoked episodes of weakness and sadness. In extreme cases, bipolar disorders manifest psychotic symptoms of delusion and hallucination. This will later on lead to progressive deterioration of the conscious psyche and end up with a person’s derailment from reality. Nevertheless, bipolar disorder is a controllable condition. Further aggravation of the mental state may be avoided given the proper precautions

1.) Cut down on caffeine intake. Caffeine is a stimulant. Without proper regulation, it will tip off the balance in your mood and physical processes. It will make it difficult for you to sleep at night, and consequently make you more emotionally and mentally labile. Chocolate, chocolate byproducts, coffee, tea, sodas, colas, and energy drinks all contain caffeine. There are some pastries too that have high levels of caffeine in them. Try to minimize your consumption of these fares.

2.) Keep healthy and well-balanced interpersonal relationships. Nothing can stimulate this mood disorder better than a fiery argument. Suicidal ideations often come about after heated discussions and disappointing experiences. So make sure to keep things light between your friends, family and loved ones. Don’t be too serious about things; otherwise, you’ll loose touch on how to handle failure. Look out for yourself more. If you think the people you’re with are no good for your health, then might as well stay away. Be with those who understand your condition and are able to accept your varying temperament.

3.) Stay calm. If you easily get frustrated over trivial things, then you will more likely experience a greater number of mood shifts per day than if you’re not. So my advice is to stay calm and collected. If troubles come your way, pause for a moment and breath. Don’t react right away. Give your mind time to think things over. The mood instability caused by bipolar disorder may prompt you to hurt people when you are irritated or angry. So you must endeavor to stay composed all of the time. The last thing you want is a lawsuit on your hands. It might be difficult at first. But if you make a habit to delay negative reaction, then you will get to control your mood swings.

4.) Be prepared for surprises. There are several environmental factors that can trigger bipolar disorders. Time, weather, people, places, insects; I mean, the list goes on and on. And these are things you cannot control. So learn to accept whatever comes your way and be prepared for the world’s surprises. Like when you are on the road and traveling, don’t be bothered if your car breaks down, or if there are no restrooms on the way. Mentally and emotionally condition yourself before you embark on potentially stressful situations and you’ll feel more relieved and relaxed knowing that it’s all out of your control, and all you can do about it is adapt.

5.) This last guideline is applicable for friends and relatives of people with bipolar disorder. Don’t get caught in a bad conversation. When in a depressive episode, people afflicted with bipolar disorder will consistently argue that they are misunderstood, or that their life has no purpose, or that the world is unfair, so on and so forth. As someone who is concerned, all you can do as of the moment is to hear out their complaints. Listening is the most therapeutic way to go about the conversation. Do not argue, for your sake and for your loved one’s sake. Now, if you think that it is leading to a bad place, then directly talk to the person about his or her condition and explain how it is making him or her feel that way. Stop trying to achieve normalcy. With bipolar disorder, you have to handle a person extra specially and extra carefully.

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December 15   Natural Cures for Anxiety

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What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a physiological and psychological condition described by somatic, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral mechanisms. Anxiety is well thought out to be a normal result of constant worry. When anxiety turns out to be too much, it may fall under the categorization of an anxiety disorder.

What are the symptoms?
-Extreme panic
-Dizziness or lightheaded feeling
-Trembling or sweating
-Experiencing hot flashes
-A fear of doing something embarrassing
-Experiencing a feeling of doom
-Stomach distress
-Numbness or tingling of lips hand, or feet

How to prevent anxiety?
-Exercise the body and mind through meditation and yoga.
-Keep away from caffeine
-Stay away from alcohol
-Avoid hyperventilation or over breathing
-Break free from worries

What are effective natural treatments?
-Valerian extract – known to help diminish anxiety when taken in prescribed amounts of 50 to 500 mg. It generally works rapidly in about thirty minutes. This can assist you in feeling less worried and more relaxed. It is also non-addictive.

-Passion Flower – study has made known that Passion Flower can aid in lessening worry and calm your nerves. A small amount of a hundred milligrams of Passion Flower extract is an adequate amount to provide effectiveness. It acts as a non-drowsy, natural tranquilizer that alleviates irregular tension, panic attacks and anxiety. It’s in fact the vine of the passion flower that holds the relaxing property.

-Green tea extract – it contains L-theanine, an amino acid that, when used and extracted, has a well-defined anti-anxiety effect. As a matter of fact, its helpfulness can be matched up to some anti-anxiety medicines.

-Kava – mostly found in Polynesia. It has been established to have anti-anxiety effects in the human body. Kava was anciently used as a drink which was made by the roots of the plant. By tradition, it was thought that Kava was great to elevate one’s spirit. Studies claim that Kava is very effective and fast working. It can trim down anxiety and stress levels within a week of its drinking. Kava has been much known amongst women who go through post-menopause melancholy. It is not an addictive herb and used as a helpful sedative.

-Ginseng- has been utilized for a variety of diseases but mainly effective as an anti anxiety herb. It also lessens stress which makes ginseng a multi-purpose herb. It assists in hormonal performance that in turn diminishes fatigue. It also works on fever plus it acts as an anti aging herb.

-Catnip herb – a member of the mint family. Catnip is used as an anti anxiety treatment, also cures sleeplessness and nervousness. Catnip is well recognized for stirring motivated conditions of the brain.

-Meadow Sweet – alleviate headaches associated to stress and anxiety. One may drink meadow sweet extract or tea as a suitable nutritional supplement.

-Ginkgo Biloba – Used to develop circulation to the brain. Ginkgo Biloba also lifts up mood and is frequently used as a natural antidepressant.

Natural cures for anxiety are effective. If you have any concerns or are not sure where to begin consult with a qualified natural physician who is knowledgeable in the use of herbal remedies.

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When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, I completely changed my lifestyle, dropped almost 50 pounds and began a regimen of complementary treatments to support my immune system and get my body healthy again. It is one year later and I am feeling great. Please visit my website: Total Cleanse Guide. There you will find lots of total cleanse information and health tips.

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Male oral yeast infection has quite a few causes attached to it. The most common cause is of sexual contact with a partner that already has the condition.

One of the most common forms of infection coming in from fungus in women is the women yeast infection. It is not just a woman’s problem, seen even in males and babies as well. However it is seen that the count is more in women. There are several causes that may lead to yeast infections problems. One of the main is due to the vaginal infection. This type of an infection is caused by the overgrowth of fungus in the vaginal area. The other added symptoms to the vaginal infection are:

* Severe itching- the itching is so bad that it may drive one crazy

* Burning sensation- this may occur during the time of urination or even when something comes in contact with that region like a piece of cloth or just a simple touch.

* Painful intercourse- while doing the intercourse, not just the women feel the pain but chances are high that the infection may get passed on to the partner.

* Fluffiness- the area tends to become a little fluffy

* Discharge- a cheesy kind of a discharge is noticed

There are a few other casual symptoms as well that are noticed in all. They are either due to excess intake of sugar or yeast in the diet. Too much stress in life. Lastly it could be a weak immune system that fails to fight against such an infection. Facts reveal that women are prone to such fungal based infections is due to hormonal imbalance as well. In either of the cases, women yeast infection should be detected at the earliest and also treated soon. Most people wish to go with the natural forms of treatment as they are harmless. This is a good option but if the infection is too much then the natural methods take a little more time to cure and heal that part. However, the doctor’s advice would help you the best in such a situation. Especially in terms of vaginal infection, the symptoms related to this condition can become a little confusing sometimes. Therefore only a doctor can come up with a proper diagnosis and an equally good treatment plan.

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Simon Lee writes informative and unique articles about Yeast infection. One thing that separates Simon Lee from others is the passion he puts into it, knowing full well and respecting the time viewers spend on reading his work.

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Do you think that you might be displaying the signs, symptoms of panic attacks? Are you worried that you might be suffering from panic attacks and you want to know for sure? Most people that discover they suffer from panic attacks are also looking for some help to get rid of them or at least lessen them. This is all possible, but first you must know if it is a panic attack or not. Here are some of the signs and symptoms of panic attacks.

First, if you are constantly nervous, then there is a good chance you suffer from panic attacks. Those that have the worst types of panic attacks are those that are not able to go a day without worrying about something or feeling afraid. This is a very normal sign of a panic attack and this symptom can get worse and worse if you leave it untreated. You need to know what you are dealing with so that you can get the help you need to get the panic attacks under control.

Second, when it comes to signs symptoms of panic attacks you may also get sweaty palms and feel very uneasy about normal situations. If you are the type of person that gets uneasy very quickly, then you are probably displaying signs symptoms of panic attacks. This is one of the main ways to tell and it could cause you to start to hyperventilate and have a shortness of breath. This is the symptom that often can land you in the emergency room with unanswered questions.

Last, you should know that if you are displaying symptoms of panic attacks, and you leave them untreated, then they will just get worse. This could actually shorten your life very significantly and can be fatal if left alone. The problem is that the doctor will give you a treatment, but you will not be you with the drugs they give you. You need a natural treatment with no side effects that will teach you how to have control over and eliminate your panic attacks.

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An adhd symptom can be tricky to nail down. That’s because the most common symptoms of adhd, particularly in adults, can also be indicative of other conditions including drug and alcohol dependency, Lyme disease, depression and thyroid disorders. In order to effectively treat adhd, it is necessary to get a proper diagnosis first, which means correctly recognizing symptoms.

ADHD is a condition characterized by impaired brain function. Patients who suffer from ADHD have difficulty concentrating, remembering and organizing their thoughts. Children with ADHD are more likely to display hyperactivity, in adults it tends to be less severe. In order to properly diagnose adhd it will be necessary for your doctor to evaluate all of your symptoms and rule out any other conditions.

Once a symptom has been identified as an adhd symptom, it can become a red flag to help your doctor tailor a proper treatment plan. Treatment can vary from patient to patient depending on the variety and severity of symptoms. The more your doctor can learn about your specific case of ADHD, the better he’ll be able to suggest an effective course of treatment.

In order to diagnose adhd, your doctor should conduct a thorough exam which includes not only assessing any other existing physical conditions but also an extensive look at past behavior to determine any aberrations or abnormalities. Once all of these elements have been taken into consideration, it will be possible for your doctor to determine whether you are, in fact, experiencing ADHD.

A list of each adhd symptom you are experiencing can help lead to a proper course of treatment. In most cases, treatment starts with the use of a prescription medication such as Ritalin. In recent years, however, much debate has surfaced over the efficacy of these types of medications as they can carry severe side effects. More and more people are turning away from standard medications and instead relying on natural remedies to ease symptoms.

There are a number of natural ingredients which can help to increase blood flow in the brain and balance neurotransmitter levels in order to improve brain function. Herbs such as Tuberculinum and Verta Alb are particularly helpful and as they are completely natural, treat ADHD symptom without any side effects or complications. For you and your doctor, to diagnose adhd is only the first step, structuring treatment comes next and natural remedies can be a very important part of that treatment.

In order to target and treat each adhd symptom, it can also be helpful to participate in behavioral therapy. This is a way of understanding your reactions to things that happen in your life and finding ways to control them. Behavioral therapy can be quite empowering for ADHD patients as it helps them to regain control over their lives.

It is important not to assume that you have ADHD, even if you are experiencing common symptoms. Only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis, so if you suspect you may have ADHD, see your doctor right away and you can go forward from there. And remember, with the option of natural treatment it is possible to control symptoms instead of letting them control you.

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Laura Ramirez has done extensive research on effective ADHD treatments. To learn more, go to

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Does it seem like you are constantly a nervous wreck? Does even the slightest hint of anxiety make you feel uncomfortable? Have you ever heard the term reciprocal inhibition? Chances are you answered yes, yes, no. And if you did, this article on how to reduce anxiety naturally just might help you gain the upper hand on the nervous tension we refer to as anxiety.

Have you ever know someone who simply saw the world in a different way than you, and even worse had to work for that person? When you work for them they are in control. You know that this is a no win situation and when anxiety rules your life it becomes your boss. But what if there was a white knight that would show up and put that harsh opposite thinking fellow in his place. Well actually when dealing with anxiety this person is relaxation.

If you were to think about it carefully what you would find is that if you are relaxed it is very difficult to be anxious. Overcoming mild to moderate stress with relaxation is known as reciprocal inhibition, and has been used by psychologists and psychiatrists effectively for years.

Anyone that has ever been to a hypnotherapist knows exactly what I am talking about. One of their standardized procedures, to open up the mind to suggestion, is through relaxation. There are many forms of this but one hypnotherapists I know has each patient think of a tranquil setting free from nervous tension then he magically takes them on a step by step journey to reach this happy place. In essence he is using a combination of visualization and relaxation to free the mind from the chains of stress and anxiety. You might experiment with this idea and see if it will work for you.

Another tried and true method to reduce anxiety is to use sound to tame this savage beast. This is certainly nothing new, in fact human beings have been using the power of sound for thousands of years to elicit such emotions as love, excitement, fear, loyalty, and relaxation. The beauty of this technique, to quell the turbulent sea of high anxiety, is you don’t have to have a degree in music therapy to implement it. You just need to know what type of music has a calming effect on your mind and body. And with all the new types of music players available you can take your relaxation with you almost wherever you go.

Next let’s move on to pitting our fierce gladiator relaxation against that puny underdog anxiety by learning to breathe properly. Breathing deeply supplies your body with oxygen which is essential to purify the bloodstream, burn up waste products, and reinvigorate every part of your body and mind. When anxiety comes your way your breathing becomes rapid and shallow causing carbon dioxide to accumulate in the blood and oxygen levels to decline. This imbalance triggers a series of physical symptoms including impaired thinking, an increase in blood pressure, jitteriness, and maybe even uncontrollable shaking.

The trick here is to recognize what is happening and then implement a simple breathing routine that restores the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide. The one I use if very simple and is no more than taking ten deep breaths through your nose, holding the air in a couple of seconds, and then letting the air out through your lips. A simple and effective method that can be done anywhere, ranging from the comfort of your home to a stressful office environment.

What else? Many people feel they need that little extra edge to reduce anxiety and have found it in the form of an all natural herbal anxiety supplement. If you have been searching for that little extra bit of help needed to send problem anxiety packing this is certainly an alternative treatment worth learning more about.

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R.D. Hawkins is an enthusiastic advocate for the use of natural health products and natural living with over 10 years
experience in the field.
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December 11   Escape from worst

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Escape from worst

What’s the worst that can happen to a person from his birth till the end of his Life.

You cannot express anything though you have so much to say, each part of your body wants to express…

Even if you are perfectly in good health, mentally stable, even being an intellectual
Doesn’t help you to express what’s going on…. some try to express in front of a mirror, some write diaries and some like me keep mum and burn inside out., fighting with thoughts and try to speak out…

I asked myself “what’s happening to me”, is it kind of disease, am I sick???


As a person, I used to have so many people to talk within me, I used to question them, argue with them for pros and cons of doing this/that thing. Now, things have changed
When I look for the same people, it seems that they are so out of my sight that I can hardly feel or hear them…I think even they surrendered to me and don’t would not like to answer any of my unanswerable questions…

To whom should I go and ask…..??

I can eat, I can sleep, laugh, feel, love but there’s one thing I am unable to do is Express

Here I become like a body without soul and words. Maybe I should go and consult a psychiatrist or a psychic preferably, who would give me loads of tablets only to make me believe that I am sick.


What worst can happen when you lose faith in yourself.
I lost it…..but I also know things like children who lose their parents at early age are
extraordinary and prone to worse things of life. for them, it’s just like, they don’t enjoy life, it’s life and the creator of this universe enjoys them. Life screws everyone’s happiness but to those extraordinary people, it’s like a prey surrounded by its predators.


Most worst, you tell her to forget everything and go ahead for a better life cause you want her to be “happy forever at the cost of your own happiness” can be defined as Love
But she disagrees and wants to stay with you forever. What to do, you can’t agree on that
Cause you don’t want to ruin her life, screw her happiness, love doesn’t teaches that….
Love teaches to keep loved ones happy…


You are away from your friends and don’t want to tell a single word about what’s going on…what’s happening to you. You just sit in a empty room and images of past and worst present come flashing in your mind, you can’t take it, so much of stress, you want things to be back in their place but it won’t happen, whatever is happening is endless….

On one side you already told her to move on,she listened but didn’t reply to it and you become curious to know what she is thinking about, you want her to say something
Now you wait eagerly will she move on or………. Will she stay…


You want to scribble down but even “the pen melts and leaves you”….
You are alone with no voice, no words, no actions, no feelings..
Feeling blue, feeling blue, feeling blue, feeling blue……
Will you be same as you were before…perhaps no one except
Destiny has the answer…

At last I would suggest myself to leave everything on Time

“Time is the greatest cure and medicine”

“Stress is like spice-in the right proportion, it enhances the flavour of a dish.
Too little produces a bland, dull meal: too much may choke you”


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i think, i create, i smile, i cry,
all i cannot do is implement
then i start again.