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You have to have heard the saying “take a chill pill!” those who are afflicted by panic attacks need to do exactly that. Being around an individual having an anxiety attack can be one of the most dreadful moments you will ever have. The person suffering might possibly be feeling like their heart is likely to just pop out of their chest and someone has stuffed a fist down their throat. Watching this sight can induce you to have a panic attack too!

OCD means Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. In layman’s words this means being paranoid about an issue, thing or idea. When someone has a compulsion to act in a repetitive fashion as a consequence of an imaginary worry of negative outcomes then she or he becomes completely entrenched in those beliefs. He or she gets obsessed with the prospect of ensuring that they’re not harmed by preoccupying their minds with staying away from any situation that could make them have a panic attack.

My friend is paranoid about having water anywhere else but her home and carries her water wherever she goes. If she runs out of water then she’ll wait to get home and have it because she thinks everywhere else they’re not going to use a well maintained water filter system, the bottles they fill the water in are not clean, etc… By chance if she has water from elsewhere other than home, then she immediately starts getting a churning in her stomach and will keep propagating the thought of coming down with a bad stomach and not allowing her to relax.

People suffering from panic attacks as a result of OCD can make the simplest things in life seem so challenging. They end up create hassles for themselves together with those around them. For example, when my friend is out on vacations she fills an entire portable water tank, brimming with water and keeps it in the car only for her. Just in case she runs out of her water she drinks sugary juices, carbonated drinks, etc… and she’s got diabetes. Therefore, to avoid one problem she causes another in which her blood sugar rises making her diabetes worse!

Sometimes your behaviour can be so quirky on account of OCD enduced paranoia that some individuals may judge you as being a little crazy. In the work place if you allow your fears to get the best of you and culminate into panic attacks then you may easily be deemed unfit emotionally to handle your job. It may cause you to miss out on that much needed promotion or even lose your livelihood. Perhaps you may not be able to go to certain places or do some things with your friends or family which otherwise seem very normal to them but to you are unfathomable.

Most notably thing would be to acknowledge that panic attacks due to OCD are not based on reality but are fictional. There may be some truth to your fear but that should not encompass every aspect of your life and be a pain to you and your family members. Your thoughts must not continually be focusing on how to avoid panic attacks and just ensuring the situations that induce them do not occur.

Understand one thing, every day life is fluid like water, you will never know what is going to take place in the next instance. Just live for now and make your self strong enough to cope with whatever comes your way. If you find yourself drifting back to those nasty thoughts then distract yourself by listening to your favourite song, singing, or catching up with a friend. I know whenever I am totally stressed out about something, matters not where I am or who’s around; I simply sing!

The secret to contentment and warding off panic attacks as a result of your fallacies is being in charge of your mind. You should not be dominated by your mind into allowing it to control everything you think and perceive. With practice, you are able to process thoughts in a way to allow suggestions to flow in and out of you according to your liking. Yoga, meditation, tai chi are some forms of therapies that really help you attune your entire existence into a calmness without the clutter of unwanted worries. The mind will be tutored to permit only necessary thoughts to stay in your conscience and dump the undesired ones out.

Sometimes these panic attacks brought on by OCD can be debilitating. When you have already have tried to get a grip on things and still fail to fall in line then you certainly must seek professional assistance. Do not depend on hearsay stories about how precisely some people had the ability to cope by themselves since it may be too late to fix things. A psychotherapist is a person who tries to access the basis of your problem by allowing you to speak about everything and guiding your thoughts to relate back to rationalising your behaviour. They may simply allow you to relate things together and provide clarity of thought to you and and make it easier to separate fact from fiction. You might have to consider some medicines too so that they could enable you to reign in your brain and support your recouping process.

You shouldn’t think that you may be the sole weird person in the world who gets panic attacks because of your OCD. A lot more than two million people in the United Kingdom have problems with some form of this and go through exactly the same anguish that you face day in and day out. You will discover self-help groups around to stop causing you to feel like some kind of weirdo and help each other cope with their anxieties. Together through sharing your fears and successes in dealing with those fears, you are able to help regain control of your precious life.

The next time you encounter someone who always has the urge to clean their hands, has to scrub their house everyday and remove every speck of dust, or simply needs to take a certain route back home everyday regardless of where he or she is coming back from; do not think that they’re simply out of their mind but understand that it is a difficulty that you should urge them to get help for.

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Jacqueline is a 38 year old female from West London in the UK. She is an ex anxiety sufferer and counsellor.

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In case you have injured yourself in the process of playing around with your child or mate, you should better think about actual cure of the injury. May be you have got some common sports injury like torn elbow ligament or hamstring but it should be taken care of. For complete remedy you need to find out proper physical therapist NYC. You may not be in a position to get help from a premium medical team, you may not get highest excellent facilities and equipments and yet you can get complete physical therapy in NYC.

More often you cannot rely on your standard medical doctor to help with your recuperation process. Consequently you need to do a lot of research on perfect Physical Therapy NYC specialist. This is time consuming and is an utmost hinder to speedy recover from your injury. In Many cases people are forced to deal with excruciating pain that has sustained from auto accident for weeks before the doctor refers them to a bodily therapist of highest quality.

In such condition you may get a referral from some random medical doctor to visit a physical therapist New York. This implies that you need not to search out all around the sites to get a top physical therapy NYC professional. As a matter of fact the therapist is not a health practitioner so he or she cannot diagnose your issues. As a result referral from your standard doctor may be of distinct type treatment. For an example the referral from the medical doctor might point out that you should get some aquatic exercising. Then you therapist has to have a pool to offer you the following therapy. Things get more difficult when your referral points out that you should get iontophoresis, which actually is a process that utilizes electrical stimulation with topical steroid to discharge the steroids from your injured spots.

So it is more difficult for you to cope with a therapist if your doctor’s referral has precise directions of remedy as it limits your alternatives. Nevertheless, a physical therapist can assess with your recuperation process and considering the circumstances he will be able to determine the best program that would cure your injury in double quick time. These therapists provide diverse forms of therapies and use verities of additional methods to sort out the rehabilitation.

Therefore do not hesitate to search for physical therapy NYC so you can get better treatment.

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The article was developed by Physical Therapist NYC

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Recently, a lot of attention has been given to the rights of people with disabilities. These rights include being able to have work, and not be discriminated by his or her colleagues. The workplace should also provide proper support for their employees’ condition, no matter what kind of disability the employee has.

One disability that may have great effect in the workplace is dyslexia. However, a lot of companies nowadays are trying their best to accommodate people with this condition into their working force. That is why they have to meet and provide for certain needs, so that employees with this condition can optimally work in the company.

Improving Your Workplace

In fact, there are special institutions that provide assistance to companies and employers in able to help out their dyslexic employees. Some specialized institutions offer courses and sessions that target the workplace’s improvement in relation to the presence of dyslexia.

The programs offered can vary, depending on the wanted outcome of the company. Each program has a different end goal, but generally they are tailored to improve the company and dyslexic employees’ relationship. Here are some of the common courses offered by some institutions for this purpose.

Professional Development Programs

Professional development should be continuous; thus, there are courses that can be taken by your company’s HR personnel, psychologists, trainers, and managers that are designed to upgrade their skills, particularly in regards to assessing dyslexia.

In this kind of program, they can learn and understand more about the said condition. The difficulties that are faced by dyslexic employees are pinpointed and discussed too. Additionally, some ways on how to make adjustments to enable your dyslexic employees to reach success and productivity are also tackled.

Workplace Awareness Programs

The awareness of your workplace about the condition of dyslexia can be invaluable to the success of your company. There are courses and briefings that can be conducted to increase the awareness of all your employees about such kind of condition.

Here, dyslexia is explained using layman’s terms, in a manner that everyone can easily understand. Your employees are also exposed on how the condition can affect an individual, along with the skills and talents that dyslexic people possess. Basically, they are familiarized to the nature of the condition.

Ways on making adjustments and overcoming problems caused by the condition in the workplace are also discussed. All of your employees are also given tips on how they should relate with an officemate that has the condition. Additionally, they are taught how to cooperate with each other.

Skill Development Programs

This kind of program is focused on the development of the skill of your dyslexic employee. Improvement tips are taught, along with strategies on how to overcome common dyslexic problems. Confidence building is also a target for the program, since most adult dyslexics are frustrated and has low self-esteem due to their condition.

The flow of the program may vary depending on the individual being trained, his or her skills and weaknesses.

Work Skills Evaluation Program

This kind of program is made to ensure that the skills of the person you are eyeing to hire appropriately meet your job requirement. Additionally, it ensures you’re your dyslexic employee can work productively and efficiently.

Here, evaluation on whether extra training is needed by the employee to improve his or her skills. Also recommendations, on whether or not your employee needs computer aid, are also done.

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March 24   Strange Phobias

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Do you suffer from really strange phobias?

Do you have a loved one who suffers from strange phobias?

If your answer is yes to either one of the questions presented above, then today is the day your life will change forever!

Did you know that phobias are a the most common form of anxiety and that 8.7% and 18.1% of Americans suffer from phobias?

Suffering from phobias can be very exhausting and for some of you can impair your social life so much so that it can lead to depression or in worst cases suicide!

There are many different types of phobias, some people have phobias related to household items such as buttons or door handles, some have phobias of social situations such as having a casual drink with your friends at a bar.

It DOESN’T MATTER what type of phobia you have… there is a cure, a cure that will change your life forever!

How does it feel to think that a cure exists, a cure that doesn’t require surgery or any other mind eroding medication. A cure that is supported and backed by huge corporations such as “The Discovery Channel, The Style Network, The Montreal Gazette + Lots more!”

You may at this moment be asking yourself why you haven’t heard or seen of this cure before… don’t feel ashamed about this it’s simply because only people in the “know all” circles have been using it first then like everything else it will slowly drip into the public network where everyone will then be using it!

I am letting you jump the queue here and letting you into the amazing cure before it becomes world wide knowledge, Why? because I used to suffer from strange phobias and a friend introduced me to this cure (like I am doing for you!) and it saved my life!

I want you to be cured today by this amazing opportunity!

Here it is… take it seriously, change your life today…!

Strange Phobias


About the Author

Helping YOU! To Overcome Your Strange Phobias

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An anxiety remedy is often the treatment of pick for folks who are scared when it comes to the threat of adverse reactions and dependence if prescribed conventional medicine. It’s only natural to encounter anxiety in reaction to a distressing occurrence but once the anxiety becomes over-bearing, it could take over a person’s daily life.

There are numerous anxiety remedies at your disposal and several are utilized routinely. Amongst these are home treatments, herbal remedies and homeopathic solutions. The main benefit of using an anxiety remedy is that an individual may try out different kinds of products after reading up about them to discover what exactly is likely to end up more useful. This offers the individual a degree of mastery over their particular treatment plan which isn’t typically a possibility in standard medical treatment. Several businesses investigate the helpfulness associated with various herbs and nutritional vitamins in medical tests and create permutations of the herbal treatments and vitamin products to take care of different illnesses.

Several home treatments have been inherited through the ages in households and several can be very successful remedy.
A quite basic anxiety remedy is the scent of an orange after it has been peeled. Placing a modest piece of orange peel to simmer in a small skillet of water or perhaps in a pot pourri burner can be just as beneficial.

Seredyn is widely accepted as a very efficient remedy. This supplement features the amino acid L-Theanine which is believed to enhance levels of GABA, one of the brain neurotransmitters which are exhausted when an individual is anxious. Seredyn also possesses Passion Flower and Valerian, along with small levels of Niacinamide and Magnesium Taurinate. Valerian is an age-old anxiety remedy believed to work together with another neurotransmitter called adenosine to diminish levels of anxiety.

Another anxiety remedy named Relora is comprised of the following plant extracts: Magnolia officinalis and Phellodenron amurense. Several tests have evidenced that levels of the stress hormones Cortisol and DHEA ( Dehydroepiandrosterone) are reduced in people suffering light to moderate anxiety after consuming Relora for two weeks.

The anxiety remedy SociaTropin is comprised of the following products: St John’s Wort, Panax Ginseng, Valerian, Passion Flower, Rhodiola Rosea, L-Theanine, Sensoril Ashwagandha, 5-HTP, Cyracos Lemon Balm, Ginkgo Biloba, L-Tyrosine and Bacopa, together with some necessary B natural vitamins. The method of action of this particular anxiety remedy is reckoned to be the reduction of excessive Cortisol along with increasing the neurotransmitters in the brain associated with mood and anxiety. These neurotransmitters are GABA, Norepinephrin, Serotonin and Dopamine.

Quite a few men and women would prefer to make use of individual plant extracts or natural vitamins as an anxiety remedy instead of a compound solution and numerous are out there on the market to select from.
Some people opt for a homeopathic remedy as their anxiety remedy of choice. For light to moderate anxiety it is feasible for an individual to pick an appropriate anxiety remedy through experimenting. However, in more difficult situations, you should find help from a professional qualified in homeopathy to select the right anxiety remedy. These remedies are often wanted by people who are very concerned due to their lack of uncomfortable side effects.

A number of the more standard solutions chosen include: Aconitum napellus, Argentum nitricum, Arsenicum album, Calcarea carbonica, Gelsemium, Ignatia amara, Kali phosphoricum, Lycopodium, Natrum muriatacim, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla and Silicea.

An anxiety remedy which is gaining in attractiveness as more and more individuals are introduced to it is the Linden Method. Charles Linden is the designer of this method. He struggled for several years from anxiety, depression, agoraphobia and obsessive compulsive disorder and nothing helped to better his problem. In despair, he made the decision to take control of his own treatment plan and very swiftly improved until he was cured. Mr. Linden has utilized his experience and know-how to construct the Linden Method and over the past twelve years it has cured over one hundred thousand people of anxiety. The method is meant to reset a region in the brain associated with emotions so that it is no longer on nonstop high alert but is taken back to its pre-anxiety level.

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the Linden Method provides permanent and natural relief from all anxiety disorder symptoms. It has been known to cure social anxiety with a remarkable 96.7% success rate.

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Perhaps you will be as surprised to discover that, though there are plenty of theories as to why panic attacks occur, no one knows what exactly causes them. For anyone who has experienced a panic attack, one thing is for sure: they are frightening, debilitating and can truly destroy one’s life completely. If you are suffering from a panic attack, there are some factors that are suspect to contribute to them occurring:


If your mother or father suffered from panic attacks, your chances of suffering from this disorder increase greatly. Surprised? In a recent study conducted, it was also found that up to 80 percent of twins have been found to share this disorder as well. It may be worth asking your family a couple of questions about panic attacks if you are suffering from any to see if it may be genetically linked.

Medical Conditions

Pre-existing or not, there are particular medical and physical conditions that contribute to a person’s vulnerability to panic attacks. Some common conditions are: PTSD, OCD, Hyperthyroidism, Labyrinthitis, or even a Vitamin B deficiency. Check with your medical professional to see if you suffer from any of the above, and discuss other conditions which may attribute to your attacks.


This is perhaps an obvious cause for a panic attack. If one is exposed to something they are afraid of, this can trigger a panic attack. This can be as simple as having a friend jump out from behind you and yell “Boo!” or an individual feeling Closter Phobic when in a large crowd.

Life Experiences

Life experiences, such as a death of someone close or the end of a romantic relationship, can cause a severe emotional response and thus lead to a panic attack.


You may be surprised to find out that drugs meant to soothe one emotionally, such as marijuana and alcohol can cause a panic attack. Other drugs, such as Catovit, Mazindol, and Sanorex are well known contributors to panic attacks. Panic attack sufferers should also stray from caffeine and nicotine. Make note of any medications that you are currently taking, either before or after you began to have panic attacks (particularly Ritalin or SSRI medications) as these are known to cause panic attacks as a side effect. Oh, and just to compound to the drug issue: if you have recently stopped taking a particular drug, this has also been known to cause anxiety attacks.


If you suffer from conditions such as Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome or bipolar disorder, your panic attack may be a side effect to these disorders.

Previous Episode

If you have suffered a panic attack before, there is a great likelihood that you will suffer an episode again in the future. Try to take note each time you have an attack where you are or what is happening at the time of the attack. This may help you determine what is causing this crippling attack.

The most important thing to keep in mind that, no matter what the cause or what factors may be involved, once you have suffered a panic attack once it is important to start investigating the cause of the problem. There are numerous resources out there that can help you find out why you may be suffering from these attacks, and what you can do to help them. Take advantage of the help at hand! You need not live your life in fear any more.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Jenny Hunt and I used to suffer from chronic panic attacks before stumbling upon a solution that changed my life. If you wish to learn more about panic attack causes and treatments, feel free to visit my site on panic attacks

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Panic attacks can come anytime, anywhere, and without any warning. They are scary, terrifying experiences that can severely disrupt a person’s life. How do you deal with them, how do you overcome them? The key to overcoming them is in understanding them. That is the first step toward recovery.

To understand panic attacks you need to grasp two basic concepts. First, it should be very clear to you that you cannot die from them. No one has ever died from having a panic attack, remember this. Secondly, you should learn what’s behind them, how and why do they come about. Understanding this two key concepts will make big a difference on how you think about them and will give you the power to stop fearing.

Most first time sufferers have quite a difficult time believing the first notion – that panic attacks cannot harm you. How can this be? They feel so real and scary. And they are, no doubt about it. They are real, they are scary, and many mistaken them for heart attacks, but still – they cannot kill you, you cannot die from having a panic attack. That is a fact. The sooner you’ll recognize this, the better.

To understand this more thoroughly you should be familiar with how panic attacks work and why do they form. You probably already know that they are a part of our body’s inborn alarm system called – the fight or flight response. We all have it and it’s totally natural. The problem arises when this alarm system becomes too sensitive and triggers when there is no danger present. That is the basic problem – oversensitive alarm.

The main question is – can you fix it or simply shut it off? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Fight or flight response is very complex and you can not just shut it off. You can, however, with time and patience reprogram it, sort of reset it back to its normal state. This can be done and there are methods that can help you.

About the Author

Understanding panic attacks is crucial. Learn more about the causes of panic attacks.

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Bipolar Disorder is a serious form of mental illness characterized by rapid and abrupt mood swings. Unlike the usual ups and downs that a person goes through in day-to-day life, this brain disorder is far more severe. The treatment process for this disorder involves guidance of a therapist with medications and counseling sessions. A number of famous personalities with above average creativity and remarkable skills have been diagnosed with this disease, but have overcome it and led extraordinary lives.

Also known as manic depression, Bipolar Disorder is a serious form of mental illness characterized by rapid and abrupt mood swings. A person suffering from manic depression demonstrates extremely excited impulsive behavior. The person is usually full of energy during the phase of mania. Unlike the usual ups and downs that a person goes through in the day-to-day life, this brain disorder is far more severe. In some cases, the sufferer might engage in risky or unhealthy behavior such as drug use, spending sprees, or impulsive and unprotected sex. A prolonged phase of manic depression might bring on feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and loss of interest in activities one normally enjoys. It is a life-long condition and requires long term treatment. The treatment process involves the guidance of a therapist with medications and counseling sessions. With support and love from the family members and the right treatment from a good therapist, the treatment gets more effective.

Bipolar Disorder is not a mental disorder that is only prevalent among common people. A number of famous personalities with above average creativity and extra-ordinary skills are often seen to become preys to this disorder. Famous writers like Leo Tolstoy, Charles Dickens, Kenneth Graham; actors and actresses like Drew Carey, Jim Carrey, Marilyn Monroe, Kevin McDonald; Musicians and composers like Charles Ives, Anton Bruckner, Alexander Scriagbin, Charles Parker and Stephen Foster have been diagnosed with bipolar depression in their lifetime. It must have been difficult for all these popular men and women to cope with the symptoms of manic depression. But they have successfully overcome their problems and stood apart as supreme individuals. This gives us the hope and assurance that people with manic depression can be treated and they can live their lives successfully.

If you or any one you know is suffering from this severe form of mental illness then you should try to find a reliable therapist for treatment. You can also participate in a Bipolar Forum on numerous mental health service and therapy related websites. You can share your experiences and success stories with others by participating in the popular Bipolar Forums.

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TherapyTribe is a leading online therapy directory that provides a common platform for the people to find Mental Health Services and its counselors. It is a unique online therapy directory that is integrated with 5 mental health support communities including

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Without a doubt one of the biggest concerns both of with parents of ADHD children and adults suffering with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms are ADHD behavioral problems. ADHD emotional problems take on many different faces, manifesting themselves in primary symptoms such as hyperactivity and impulsivity or secondary symptoms such as aggression, irritability, and anger.

Most ADHD symptoms are considered to be associated with self regulation issues which are thought to be caused by a complicated interaction between three brain chemicals: norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin. Distractibility is often a result of too much norepinephrine activity in relation to the amount of dopamine activity. Impulsivity is thought to be linked to too much norepinephrine or too little dopamine. Obsessiveness can be an indication that too much dopamine exists in relation to the amount of serotonin. What can make ADHD behavioral problems even more confusing, from the biological aspect, is that each one of the examples listed above can exists in varying degrees and change over time.

But one thing is for sure, the major aspects of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder will have to be managed in some way, whether in yourself, your child, or another loved one. ADHD emotional problems have been the focus for those trying to cure the condition since the beginning of organized therapy. Far and away the approach that has been the longest standing is behavioral modification following by awareness training and the very well respected cognitive behavioral therapy (an offshoot of behavioral therapy).

It is not surprise that behavioral management therapies have been popular for years due to the number of children and adults alike that experience serious ADHD behavior problems. Of the children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder about 50% are hostile and negative in their behavior, and a smaller number engage in aggressive actions against people or animals, vandalism, or violating important rules. Pair this aggressive and/or angry behavior with hyperactivity and it is easy see why finding an effective treatment solution is so very important.

Your next step? Take this ADHD information about ADHD behavioral problems and/or ADHD emotional problems seriously and start looking for the best treatment option for your unique situation. For some the answer will lie in the area of prescription stimulant medications such as Ritalin and Adderall but for others a natural treatment option may be more to their liking. Prescription drugs may alleviate the symptoms of the problem but they are only putting a band-aid on a bigger issue and with potentially serious consequences. Look for a homeopathic remedy for ADHD so you can safely and effectively treat ADHD symptoms like hyperactivity, erratic behavior, and lack of concentration without putting yourself or your child’s health at risk.

About the Author

R.D. Hawkins is an enthusiastic advocate for the use of natural health products and natural living with over 10 years
experience in the field of natural health and wellness.
Learn more about natural remedies and natural health at

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Anxiety help is available for people with anxiety disorders yet millions of people do not seek treatment. Some people don’t want to rely on medication because they can be potentially addictive and have side effects. Medication is also not the best solution for anxiety disorders since they only treat the symptoms and not the root cause of the problem. In most cases, anxiety disorders are brought on when the mind makes negative connections with certain experiences which then become ingrained and reinforced.

Some sufferers develop a dependency and can’t imagine not taking medication to help them get through their day. Prolonged use of medication can make sufferers dependent on them to the point that they can’t start their day without them. Sufferers can develop into chronic users, relying on medication their whole life. Unfortunately, many become addicted and increase tolerance to medication. What’s more anxiety symptoms often come back when sufferers eventually come off medication.

Fortunately medication isn’t the only anxiety help available. Alternative methods of treatment include therapies such as hypnosis and CBT which don’t rely on medication. Whatever you decide, make sure that you are in the hands of a qualified doctor. Ensure that you speak to your doctor about the treatments available and the best course of treatment for you.

Some sufferers quickly give up trying after one method of treatment doesn’t work for them. Often people look for that miracle cure and expect results overnight. But the mind takes time to break associations and learn new behaviors. Often anxiety disorders take months and even years to develop so one should not expect instant results.

Anxiety symptoms aren’t always obvious which might explain why some people don’t realize they need anxiety help. Symptoms of anxiety run into the 100s and may not even seem related to anxiety. It’s not surprising that some people have anxiety disorders for years without knowing. Furthermore, the term anxiety disorder encompasses a range of disorders and phobias that are very different from each other in terms of symptoms.

Symptoms can change; one minute you have chest pains the next you might be hyperventilating. Factors such as mood and physical health can affect the frequency and intensity of symptoms. Moreover, symptoms can be too common and general such as muscle ache, blurry vision, tension and dry mouth. Most sufferers will ignore these symptoms since most people have experienced them.

Knowing that something is wrong and knowing what is wrong with you are two different things. Some people end up becoming repeat patients never discovering the reason for their condition. Unfortunately doctors do make incorrect diagnosises. For accurate diagnosis a thorough psychiatric and physical evaluation needs to be carried out. What’s more each person requires tailored anxiety help.

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