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Your brain is a very powerful tool that can be used to either positively or negatively impact your life. Your brain frequencies affect how you think, how you feel and how you react to life on a daily basis.

What if you could control your brain so that it only allowed you to experience the low frequency states associated with relaxation, alertness, focus, happiness, awakened consciousness and manifestation?

Although your brain affects your reality it is also true that your thoughts affect your brain. By changing what you think to positive thought forms you can literally change the way your brain operates and how you feel.

Controlling Your Brainwave Frequencies

There are a few different ways to work with and control your brain frequencies. Meditation is one known method and so is yoga and listening to brainwave audios such as binaural beats.

Used separately or in combination each of these things can greatly help keep your brainwave levels at a low frequency level that induces positive reactions.

However you can also be very effective through using simple positive thinking techniques.

The Power of Positive Thinking

It is a well known concept that positive thinking will create positive reality. Like attracts like and if you program your brain with positive thoughts you will receive positive energy back in return. However that is not all there is to it. Positive thoughts can actually change your brainwaves levels and influence the frequencies you experience.

The majority of us have some negative thought patterns programmed in our subconscious. Without us being aware of it, these negative thoughts influence your brain frequency levels to the point where you may feel tired, frustrated, stressed out, angry, edgy and simply all around negative. This is a vicious cycle that can be very difficult to break.

Using brainwave audios such as binaural beats can greatly help to change your brainwave frequencies quickly but it is necessary to also change the way you think.

If you can be conscious daily of changing any negative though forms into positive thoughts your bad habits will change and your brain frequencies will react in a positive way.

Therefore affirmations not only change what energy gets attracted back to you but it also can change how you feel, how you think and how you react to life.

The truth is that it is completely in your control. Once you understand how the brain works and how positive thinking can affect every aspect of your life, it is then time to take the plunge and dedicate yourself to creating good thoughts.

Habits are not easy to break and if you find yourself having some trouble, I would recommend trying a binaural beats recording to help you along the way. This will allow you to bypass the conscious mind and get to where the real issues lie… in the subconscious. Combining affirmations with binaural beats as shown to be very effective.

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For more information on positive thinking and mind development visit Binaural Beats Online where you’ll find much more information on brainwave entrainment tools such as binaural beats.

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More than 17 million American people are affected by anxiety depression symptoms and since every individual has a different set of symptoms it can be very difficult to find an effective antidepressant drug or regimen of drugs to work.

The common medication for anxiety consists of benzodiazepines or benzos as they are otherwise known. You will find this medication under the trade name of Xanax, Niravam and Xanor – this is a short acting benzodiazepine.

This is also an anti-anxiety, anticonvulsant, anti-depressant, muscle relaxant hypnotic sedative, which is meant to slow down the central nervous system. The benzos are often used for treating stress/ anxiety induced muscular pain, insomnia, withdrawal symptoms (mostly caused by alcohol addiction) and seizures among others.

SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) medication are especially designed to fight the symptoms caused by anxiety. SSRIs are meant to counter the depletion of serotonin production in the brain, which in turn would gradually reactivate and optimize the functioning of the endocrine system. This achieved, the excess hormone production would be corrected, which would in turn rectify the chemical imbalance that cause the anxiety symptoms.:

As anxiety usually builds over a period, repairing the body”s systems and clearing the debris accumulated in the blood would logically take some time.

Side by side with the treatment of the symptoms, you would need to investigate and identify the root of the anxiety attack. It is very important that you find what actually triggers your anxiety and then go about eliminating the cause with appropriate therapy.

Succesful treatment with therapy and medication has proven extremely successful in reducing anxiety and inhibiting the onset of anxiety induced panic attacks. However they have never shown to be any type of anxiety cure.

The only treatment that has shown to actually cure anxiety and panic attacks is a self-help technique, Anti-Anxiety Training, that trains you to recognize the initial symptoms of an anxiety attack and to stop them before they can develop into a full blown attack. Anti-Anxiety Training is simple, extremely successful, and much cheaper than therapy or medication.

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Click Here for more information about anxiety and medication or Anti-Anxiety Training techniques

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Madonna does it. Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, Katie Holmes and Janet Jackson also do it. These famous celebrities are working out the yoga moves. But this is not the reason why you should do it. The reason that you should try the classical yoga moves is simple: It will make you feel active with an over all good feeling.

Yoga is an ancient system of movements for personal development of the mind and body. Yoga practitioners viewed it as an all-encompassing lifestyle, emphasizing compassion, non-violence and inner peace. It consists of various moves and

With its gentle movements, it has been an ideal method for relaxation and body stimulation. Moreover, performing the yoga moves helps you stay focused and awake during your work day.

Like any exercise, you can do different moves while seated at your desk. It also starts with the basics of breathing. However, there are some moves that are difficult, but it’s not necessary to twist your body into any pose that’s not comfy for you.

Below are some of the easy to do yoga moves:

1.The Downward- Facing Dog Pose

This yoga move is said to be the top dog of all poses. It starts with hands and knees. Spread your palms out with the pinkies about an inch from each side of your mat. Press your hips up and back. Slowly lower your heels toward the floor. Your body should be in an inverted “V” shape. Breathe deeply, and concentrate on stretching your heels closer to the ground, contracting your stomach muscles and lifting your butt higher toward the sky. Make sure to keep your head in line with your spine by looking back toward your knees. Stay in this position for about a minute.

2. Tree Pose

This is a simple but powerful pose that needs balance and grace.

Stand straight with your legs together. Bend your left leg and place the left foot on the inner right thigh your left toes should point toward the floor and the left knee points out. With your hands on your hips, try and even them out so they are more-or-less level and your torso is facing straight ahead. Once you feel balanced place your hands in a prayer position in front of your chest and then slowly lift your arms above your head, keeping the palms together. Gaze softly at a point in front of you and breathe deeply, holding for about 30 seconds. Return to the starting position and reverse legs.

3. Half Bridge Pose

Finally, this pose will help you improve your posture. Lie flat on your back with your arms at your side palms facing down, and knees bent with heels as close to your buttocks as possible. On an exhalation, push your feet and arms into the floor and lift your hips into the air so your butt rises off the ground and your thighs are parallel to the floor. Do not clench your cheeks but rather concentrate on extending your knees toward the wall in front of you, keeping your thighs and feet parallel. Roll your shoulders underneath you so your arms move toward each other and clasp your hands together. Stay in this pose for about a minute, releasing on an exhale.

Practice these yoga moves for a few weeks, and see how much better you feel! article source :

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Hi. I’m Didik Suprianto from Indonesia, archipelago of over 17.000 islands.
I’m a half time internet marketer.
I love Sports and travelling! I created this article as a guide to help you find all the best in yoga

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With the medical well-developed infection control methods used by midwives during delivery, the delivery process so that more health and safety. Pregnant women also began to shift to a fully equipped maternity homes or hospitals, delivery, help to reduce the risk of giving birth. After the last work of midwives will be delivery for end of maternal, prenatal and postpartum depression, but now more and more cases, if necessary, will also serve as midwives for maternal psychiatrist Counseling (counselling services) to relieve the pressure.

Psychological counseling Can not deny (counselling services) Or the effectiveness of hypnosis therapy, but is more technical and difficult to master, in reality, the implementation of the program is easier to find that their favorite of the opposite sex, learn to appreciate his / her sense of heterosexual feelings, of course, If you can develop, the natural is the best, if not, your heart If you can accept him / her, you are no longer gay, as long as there the right day, you will be able to “do normal people, with children Families, to integrate into society, ” As for the future in your heart how to eliminate homosexual orientation ? tell you, even if the general heterosexual, around their own partner is not necessarily the most favorite, or my heart will be another person, this is actually Not surprisingly, when is your little secret heart forget.

A Psychiatrist Youmie conditions, such as character requirements? point of the suitability of the Prophet himself ? to become a psychologist, you need love, patience, work ethic, self- psychological adjustment, persuasive, friendly. When the psychiatrist must have very strong values Otherwise, easily influenced! When the psychiatrist ‘s advantages are: can a better understanding of human nature, and increase their imagination! Disadvantages are: psychological counseling (counselling services) can quickly when the situation from the patient back to their own, otherwise they will be affected.

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Panic attacks can be quite a terrifying experience when they occur. There are many things going on in the body that can cause great alarm. You may be familiar with some of these symptoms such as a racing or irregular heartbeat, apprehension in the stomach, dizziness and shortness of breath that is typically related with anxiety.

It is hard to find a real review regarding Linden method, which is a special technique used for those with anxiety, as most people reviewing the product have never had any struggles with anxiety or even had one panic attack. Knowing that, do you really rely on their opinion? Sure, they can go over the materials and try to give an honest perspective about what they see, but in reality they’re just wasting your time.

Panic attacks can influence a significant amount of the population and it is becoming more and more general as social and economical environments change and the pressure increases. While people still like to keep this disorder in the closet, there are still plentiful ways that panic attack suffers can obtain help. If you are searching on how to cure panic attacks using this approach, consult a specialist and read The Linden Method Review to see what is best recommended to help you to live a calmer life.

If you have ever suffered from the devastating problem of panic disorder, you know how tough this can be and how much stress it causes in your life, your primary question may be how to cure panic attacks. Although most medical professionals will say that there is no real cure per se, there are a number of different ways that panic attack sufferers have chosen to cope with this disorder, and some lucky patients ease their attacks all together.

Whatever things come in your way, deal with them with confidence and turn them to positive thinking rather than panicking. Meditation is also a good way to make your mind calm and cool and help you get diverted into positive thinking.

The most important advantage of the Linden method is that one does not have to suffer from any side effects which make it the best solution for people suffering from anxiety disorder. This treatment does not consist of any pills or medicines that have to be consumed orally. There are a lot of The Linden Method Review and have often have seen claims of complete recovery from anxiety in as little as one week or two after starting the method.

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Panic attacks can be quite a terrifying experience when they occur. That’s why in finding the perfect treatment, refer to the Linden Method Review.

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Are you in a relationship where one of you is having BPD and seeking to fend off a Borderline Personality Splitting?

BPD marriages are having a high rate of divorce reason being the many hurdles as well as difficulties this personality disorder carries in relationship or matrimony.

Most likely the greatest problem a borderline personality sufferer has in any relationship is the worry of abandonment, which in a number of cases also consists of a fear of punishment, deprecation, or criticism from significant other people.

These anxieties stem from childhood or adolescence when the sufferer had to face painful and undermining experiences with his/her important individuals. Throughout childhood those important others were comprised by his/her parents or caregivers, whilst throughout the teenage years it can also contain buddies and girl/boyfriends.

These early painful life experiences were not forgotten, but “kept” in the unconscious waiting for an answer. In addition they turn into relationship models from the BPD sufferer view point which construct the unconscious expectations in subsequent relationships and interactions with other important persons, thus the fear of being left alone.


Bearing in mind that the early encounters (i.e. when a individual does not own the needed life experience and mental methods to surmount aversive interactions) with important individuals were abusive, deprecating, repudiating, or insensitive, one will unconsciously conclude that all the following relationships and interactions with significant ones will be the same.

Therefore the quasi-steady abandonment fear.

So what can you do to fend off a borderline personality splitting?

If you are the one who suffers from BPD, one efficient approach to ease this abandonment angst is to determine down-to-earth and valid traits in your spouse/partner that are limpidly indicating that he or she isn’t preparing to abandon you, or to label, punish, or critique you as a whole.

Moreover if your spouse or partner is behaving this way on sound motives, ask him or her to say it in a more temperate way with attention to your past traumas.

In addition, instead of jumping into conclusions which can easily drive you to fury outbursts and impulsive behaviors, make yourself a priority out of stopping for a second, taking three deep breaths, and analyze only afterwards the real message of your spouse or partner.

And ask him/her to read through my free e-book “Surviving The Hellhole” where he/she will discover crucial facts in relation to borderline personality splitting and free tips and advice to ameliorate your relationship.

Moving on, if your spouse/partner is the one who is having borderline personality, you will need to deal with his/her worry of abandonment so as to start to alter your relationship for the better.

My free e-book approaches your case as well. It is in downloadable format so you can be reading it in a matter of seconds: Surviving The Hellhole.

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And if you want to find out more about BPD visit this link: Borderline Personality Splitting!

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Getting a knowledge about panic attacks is very essential. You should first understand your problem and the symptoms you show. Most of the problems arise out of stress. It is not safe and advisable to handle your problems alone. The problem will get virulent if you think on it sitting alone. First you should stay in the company of friends always. You can also share your problem with your family members and get their support. Attend counseling and therapies which will help you to stay fit. To lead a life in peace is and harmony is within your reach. Only thing is that you should acknowledge your problem and be confident that it can be cured.

Better living can be achieved by attend the wellness programes organized by several social organizations. Some of them will have a fear to accept their problem and will not be able to digest it. But if you are at the extreme stage by showing various symptoms like having a fear that the heart might stop are other indications like disappointment or grief or flushing of the face then you should immediately consult a psychiatrist or a therapist to overcome this situation. There is also cure in homeopathy but if you have ADHD or if you are pregnant or if you are breast feeding then you should definitely consult the doctor’s advice. You can also read the anxiety disorder books available in the market or can surf the net and get information about the panic attack cures.

Fear to socialize yourself or a particular incident rooted in your mind might be the basic reasons for panic attack. When a person experiences anxiety about an upcoming event such as stage-fright about a public performance or interview then the tension within you raises and do not allow you to perform well. Though it is natural for some it goes to the extreme and you are concerned more about others. If you face this problem often then better consult a psychiatrist or a good physician who would prescribe you some pills which does not have any side effects. Information about panic attack cures is available in the form of books.

How to select anxiety disorder books?

1. First you should analyze your problem and make sure that you really require a treatment.
2. You can find the books in all leading stores.
3. You can also get information surfing the net about the different types of books available.
4. There are wide ranges of books which are meticulous.
5. Before opting for one you should just read the gist given behind.

Before taking any medication you should first understand that you have anxiety disorder and must be able to accept it. You should also take the initiative apart from taking pills. You should socialize yourself with friends and try to indulge yourself in various activities. When you feel that you’re becoming very nervous first try to go out and take a fresh air. Then make some positive affirmations in your mind. It is good to share with your friends and family members for they might help you. Anxiety disorder is a curable problem except that it requires your involvement and cooperation more.

The anxiety disorder books available in the market are very easy and lucid in their subject. Covering several facets and giving your several ways to combat stress, it is very essential for you to look up new ways to imbibe good things in your life. The books also give you more confidence as many case studies are discussed here. The book also gives you many ways to change your outlook and breathing pattern. The right of breathing method is more than enough to help you ease through the situation. Most people can do with good self esteem and while panic disorder does require special treatment, it is good to inculcate a hobby or add something new in life that will help you stay happy.

Good friends and a good physician are more important for curing panic attacks. Pills prescribed by doctors are not sedative and will also not make you get addicted. These pills will help you to get cured easily. Jumpy heart, sweating or sudden loss of control are seen in the early stages of panic attack. Having a positive approach and fixing in your mind that it can be cured will cure half of your disease. With these medications and by motivating your mind you can easily lead a happy and normal life with ease.

If you purchase books written by famous authors it will contain lots of facts about panic cures and will also give you tips of how to stay away from stress. At the end of chapter, there will be the author’s advice which when followed will help you to maintain wellness and lead a pleasant life. Books can be purchase form leading book shop or can be purchased online.

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Article by Beth Kaminski of, a website with the best panic attack cure and anxiety attacks medicine information on the web.

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Think Positive to Stop Anxiety

There are many methods on how to stop anxiety. Some of them are useful for some people and others may have a difficult time utilizing them. For the most part, stopping anxiety is really a state of mind, since it is our thoughts that push us over the edge in the first place, and not the particular event itself that is happening. So the obvious first step is to get control over negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are often the root cause of anxiety in our lives. It is basically worrying about past or future events. If you stay in the present, there is not much to worry about.

How to Stop Anxiety through Breathing

Another simple technique that can be used is learning to control breathing. Breathing properly may help to stop anxiety from happening. Taking slow, deep breaths and making sure that your stomach rises and falls is the proper method of breathing. When you breathe shallow breaths it is usually your chest that rises and falls, and this means you are not taking in enough air in your lungs, and thus depriving yourself of needed oxygen.

Educate Yourself to Learn How to Stop Anxiety

When you get knowledge about a certain condition, it usually helps you to understand it better. By understanding anxiety and what causes it, this will help to stop anxiety from taking over your life. You should research anxiety in books, magazines, and on the Internet. Talk to people who have anxiety and ask them questions about how they deal with it, what they do when they feel an anxiety attack happening, and what is the best techniques that they use to control anxiety. By becoming well informed about anxiety, this will help to lessen the mystery that surrounds the condition.

Moderate Exercise to Stop Anxiety

Exercise is another method that can be used to stop anxiety. When you are feeling anxious and feel that you have a lot of nervous energy, take a walk, or work out at home or at the gym. Exercise helps the body in a number of ways to reduce stress and tension that has built up. If you exercise on a regular basis, you may find that the symptoms of your anxiety will decrease in intensity and number.

How to Stop Anxiety through Healthy Eating

Sometimes anxiety can be a physical reaction to something that we are lacking. Blood sugar plays a role in how anxiety affects us. It may seem like such a simple thing, but if you do not eat properly and when you need to, blood sugar can drop, causing us to feel nervous, irritable and anxious. If you know you are going to be in a situation where you must go without food for an extended period, make sure that you take along a snack and something to drink just in case you need it.

Sometimes it is simple techniques that can help us to stop anxiety and live a healthy and well balanced life. But you should also consult with your doctor or other health care professional about your anxiety. There may be a medical reason why it is happening, and you need to be checked for underlying conditions.

About the Author

Jason is an avid health activist and ex-panic and anxiety sufferer. You can learn how to stop anxiety attacks permanently. Jason was able to naturally cure himself of panic and anxiety permanently with the help of these methods to stop anxiety attacks

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I am by no means an expert on how to handle anxiety. If I understand correctly, there can be many causes to anxiety, some of which being very technical and requiring the diagnosis of a specialist.

What I want to do is outline the things that I have personally found contribute to almost any anxiety that I’ve experienced.

First, we have to understand what anxiety is and what purpose it serves.

Anxiety is actually more of a bodily sensation than an actual emotion. Anxiety can be paired with many emotions, such as excitement, fear and anger, depending on the specific context.

It typically involves shallow, rapid breathing, “butterflies” in the stomach, racing thoughts, jittery mannerisms and trouble focusing on anything else other than the thing causing the anxiety.

It is a response to some future event that we are anticipating. For example, many people get anxious over being excited about a future trip, or before making a speech or before a fight.

Anxiousness is most likely a survival mechanism designed to put us in a state where we can make quick calculations about what we should do when there is imposing danger. In other words, it is the “fight-or-flight” response.

Now, what I’ve personally found is that 99% of the time anxiousness is completely unfounded and actually detrimental to whatever it is we are going to do. It almost always is a result of TRYING TO CONTROL SOMETHING THAT WE CAN’T ACTUALLY CONTROL.

For example, let’s say that you feel anxious at the prospect of having to make a speech. Your mind becomes a flurry of questions: “What if I mess up? What if they don’t like my speech? etc.” In this situation, these questions are completely unnecessary as you have absolutely zero control over people’s reactions to you. You can only make what you think is a good speech and however people react is how they are going to react. In terms of whether you are going to mess up, how would you ever control that beforehand, other than making the necessary preparations that you would have to make anyway? And in any case, the more anxious you are, the more likely you would actually be to “mess up”.

Or how about the games that people play before they have to write a test or an exam? Even as they’re walking into the examination room, they become incredibly anxious wondering if the exam is going to be difficult. Obviously, this behavior is completely irrational because by the time you’re walking into the examination room, regardless of how much you’ve studied there is no possible action you could take at that point to increase your chances of doing better on the exam. The study period is over. Yet still, they become anxious. As we can see, this really proves the point of how anxiety is typically the result of trying to control something that we can’t actually control.

But why would people do this to themselves? If, fundamentally, they KNOW that they have no control over something, why do they allow themselves to feel anxiety? The answer might actually frighten you.

It is actually a form of escapism.

You see, if someone walks into an examination and is overcome with anxiety…let’s say they blank out and do terribly on the exam. Well, when they get the bad marks later, they can blame it on their anxiety, as opposed to their own inability to understand the material. In essence, they unconsciously sabotage themselves to prevent the pain of having to take responsibility for the results. After all, if they went in their without anxiety and did their best and STILL got a bad mark, then they would feel like an actual failure, as opposed to someone who just had an anxiety attack.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Ultimately, this is about more than just anxiety. It’s about realizing that you don’t have to take ownership of your “failures”. So long as you take the best possible action that you know of to prepare for something then, regardless of the result, you can feel pride because you know that you didn’t leave anything on the table.

Hope that helps!

About the Author

Mark is an Internet Marketer and Electrical Engineer. His interests include meeting new people, making music, listening to music, travel and psychology. Come visit his latest website at which helps people find the best information on products such as toddler raincoats.

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The life is not as easy as it sounds; there are many ups and downs we go through but then, when it is all about the bitterness created within the family members, it is difficult to tackle the situation. In almost all the cases, no matter how robust the person is, feels nervous and depressed due to family problems and issues. Home is the place where you unwind yourself at the end of the struggling day with people who may or may not know you. You must consult psychologist for your family problems and issues to stabilize your mental state. Maybe, psychologist get you and your family members some fantastic way that everything becomes as normal as nothing has had happen before!

Psychologists are great counselors. They are not typical doctors with stethoscope in their hands but then more kind of spiritual and psychology experts. They are masters in understanding the human brain and read whatever is going in person’s mind. Due to this wonderful capability, they are good at solving mental illness and instability. If you have traumatic experience due to abuse (verbal, physical or mental) from the family member, you can certainly see psychologist to solve the problem.

Family problems negatively impact everyone who lives under one roof. Also, you must learn that if you have children or kids living with you, they are the ones who are at more risk. They may not perform up to the par at school and get low numbers and grades in examination. Also, they suffer from depression that in long term may harm their development of the brain.

There are many issues that may happen between you and your family members. It could be financial crises, external (extra) marital affair, rough behavior, abusive language and the like. Whoever the problem is, it is important for you to discuss every point to the psychologist as depending upon your verdict, he or she may judge the problem and present you with possible solution.

Finding psychologist in your area is quite easy. However, you must know how to browse on Internet. You can simply put a keyword and search for the list. For instance, if you live in New York, you can put a search ‘find psychologist in New York’ and get the result in milliseconds. Once gotten, you can approach psychologist and discuss the problem to find a quick solution.

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If you suffer from depression and tension due to family issues, you must see psychologist earliest possible. It is always better to search psychologist nearer to your residence or workplace. Search qualified psychologist in San Diego, CA to book appointment.